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8 health tips from the morgue!

Good news for low-fat low-protein vegans

To your very good health!

Health resources

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) – all vegetarian & vegan doctors:


Dr Doug Graham: The 80/10/10 Diet 

  • Makes you think about what you’re eating and what your system really needs
  • Discusses in detail the three main dietary issues: protein, carbohydrates, fats
  • Examines dietary myths, including “healthy” vegetarian dietstyles
  • His thesis: If you are healthy, you are naturally active (athletic) – the two go together; can’t be healthy and inactive
  • Very solid research, including years’ working with hundreds of athletes and sedentary types
  • Lots of simple recipes to get you started
  • FAQs at Doug Graham’s website and Testimonials


Dr Richard Schulze, super-strong herbal remedies that work:

  • His lively informative Blog (with free downloads on detoxing, etc):
  • Getting sick and need a remedy? Travelling by plane and need protection? Feel like detoxing? Check out the Schulze line of herbal remedies – they may be just what you are looking for.
  • The flu & cold “shots” (small bottle of remedy you sip during day OR drink in one go when you’re “on the verge”) is very effective. If you don’t do anything else, try taking “Protect” (for heart, liver, kidneys). Periodic detoxing: Check out the 5-Day Liver Detox etc listed in the left sidebar at his website.
  • Serious illnesses: Follow his “There are no incurables” program


Read more…

Chia seed drinks

These are great to have in summer or all year long.

Basic recipe: Soak a couple of spoonfuls of organic chia seeds overnight in structured water. (I use black; some prefer white – use whatever is available, organic.) Use a wide-mouth glass jar so it’s easy to clean. In the morning, stir the mix and drink as is all day, adding water as needed.

Variations: Add any of the following to the basic recipe –

  • lemon or lime juice, sea salt and honey (great when you’re dehydrated)
  • organic grape juice
  • organic pomegranate juice

All these are tasty, healthy energizing drinks! An excellent substitute for commercial drinks of all kinds. Mid-afternoon energy dip? Drink chia! The Native Americans and the Tarajumara Indians traditionally use chia for powerful, long-lasting energy.

Water times of day

When is it best to drink structured water?

Morning: All health traditions seem to recommend starting off the day by drinking plenty of water (16 ozs or more). Avoid ice and refridgerated water. If you find it easier to drink, warm up the water slightly (especially in winter).

In traditional Chinese Acupuncture, each meridian is at its high point during two hours of the day. Water directly affects bowel movements and digestion, so it may help to drink water at the following times:

  • 5-7am Large Intestine Meridian high point: colon, bowel movements – drink plenty of water at this time
  • 7-9am Stomach Meridian high point: digestion – if you haven’t already, drink plenty of water and then have breakfast

Rule of thumb: Allow 1/2 hour before eating, after you’ve drunk water.

Afternoon, evening: The two Water Element Meridians are the Bladder and the Kidney. So you might want to experiment with drinking water at those times of day: Read more…

“Structured” water

Last week a friend wrote, asking for the link to the Structured Water site. Here it is:

The Clayton Nolte structured water units are one of those simple, brilliant inventions – a one-time investment, nothing to replace or clean out, and they soften any water and energize it via a double vortexing device.

Take a look in particular at the Before / After photos from a third-party European water testing laboratory. Pretty mind-blowing even for the laboratory technician – to get “pure spring water” quality out of ordinary toxic city water just by pouring it through a short length of pipe! (Tucson, AZ  520-325-3400) recently sent a message to say there is an exceptional sale on until Sept 5, 2014: you can get an “enhanced” house unit and travel unit for almost $400 off (20% discount).

She is in the know for these occasional discounts, so feel free to ask her.

I’ve been using the CN units for about 4 years now. Love the water. Use the enhanced travel unit in India and everywhere else I go (camping in California, travelling in UK and Europe…). I highly recommend them: you feel you are finally getting hydrated down to the organ/cellular level. Read more…

Pomegranates for smooth move

Last night I picked 4 medium/small pomegranates off our little organic tree (planted last year), put the seeds in the VitaMix and blended them with a little water. It was pretty tart (as in sour) so I added some organic honey and a huge organic apple. Delicious!

The smoothie definitely had a grainy texture, what with all those seeds – but I went right off to sleep and my eyes felt relaxed when I woke (usually they’re tense from computer work). I had what felt like indigestion in the early hours of the morning BUT: before breakfast and after lunch had 2 great bowel movements, normal in every way except …huge. No exaggeration.

I’m impressed. Forget constipation or small BMs. Go for the pomegranates!

Here’s a great list of the multiple benefits of pomegranates – you’re bound to recognize your own symptoms & needs on their list, so check it out! (And that website looks like an excellent source of info on all sorts of health conditions. Suggestion: go for the vegan or purely plant-based options; avoid meat, fish, eggs, dairy.)

Liver Meridian Ahaa

I did a 5-day Liver Detox last week and am noticing a radical shift in the way my day flows, getting a wider variety of things done without planning or disciplining myself or making To Do lists. Can this really be attributed to a Liver Detox?


In Acupuncture, the Liver Meridian is the Planner. It’s the general of the army – with the ability, when healthy and strong, of

  • anticipating what is needed
  • making quick assessments
  • seeing the larger picture as well as filling in the details
  • allowing you to organize your life in a smooth way
  • flowing around obstacles
  • knowing the right amount of time for each task
  • creating strategies for success and handling the details with ease so you achieve your goals

Read more…

Liver Detox

If you’ve never heard of Dr Schulze and his website, it’s time to go visit! His super-powerful herbal remedies and detox programs really work, according to those who use them.

I just did the 5-Day Liver Detox. It was easy – plenty to eat and/or drink, no hunger at any time – and I particularly enjoyed getting back onto carrot/beet juice after a very long time. (The juices are optional, not required.)

You can choose the type of Liver Detox you do – depending on whether you normally eat a junk food diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever. I did the “Advanced” Detox because I wanted to get the maximum out of the Detox. Read more…

Fast remedy for flu, coughs, colds, sore throats

Years ago a Canadian friend shared a remedy with me in India. She says she always travels with it and it never fails.

On a recent trip, my sister suddenly came down with a terrific sore throat, cold and cough right from the lungs – the day before our long 2-day journey home. She tried her entire arsenal of remedies. They helped reduce her sore throat, but nothing else.

Finally, the day we got home, she gave the Oregano remedy a go: Immediate relief from coughing, pain in the lungs abated, nose-blowing disappeared.

The joke is that I put 4 drops of Oregano into a small remedy bottle so we could take it onboard the airplane in case she needed it en route. When I got home, I forgot what was in the bottle, swished it around with a little water and swigged it down. Yikes – strong stuff! I had to follow up with 3 glasses of water – but the beginnings of my sore throat and cold stopped dead on the spot.

How To: Read more…

One marathon every day: 366!

Can you imagine running a marathon (over 26 miles) every day for 366 days?

A New Zealand couple in their sixties has done it – running around Australia in 2013, through all types of weather, fueling themselves with a 100% vegan, raw-food diet. No injuries, feeling great!

Janette is a cancer-survivor who was given 6 months to live more than ten years ago. She and Alan (her husband of more than 40 years!) set the world record in consecutive marathons to help people become more aware of living consciously, with compassion and good health.


You can read about their adventurous life, travelling, sailing, bringing up two children, here:

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