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The story of building Ben’s house

My name is Ben Norton. This is my tiny house story. A neighbor of mine was all excited about [the Tiny House] blog and showed me lots of really cool tiny houses that people have built. I was hooked. I just said, “That’s what I’m going to do,” and I just started buying materials as I had money. I don’t think anyone really thought I was serious because I was eleven years old at the time.

So begins Ben’s story of how he built, at age 11-12, a house for himself, 12′ x 20′, with the help of motley friends of all ages. His well-written story is finished at the end of the summer – age 12! And his tiny house is waiting for next summer when he has a break from school and can insert windows and work on the interior.

Read Ben’s story at the TinyHouseBlog.

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