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Creating tick-free zones

The Tick-Borne Disease Alliance recommends creating areas in your yard that are free from ticks.


  • Tidy up by removing leaves, branches and debris, which create hiding places for ticks and their hosts.
  • Install 3-foot wide gravel or wood chip barriers along the edges of stone walls, ornamental gardens and woodlot perimeters.
  • Create gravel or wood chip pathways linking the house to frequently used outside areas.
  • Keep woodpiles and bird feeders far away from the home as they attract rodents which ticks feed on.
  • Open up areas to direct sunlight and keep lawns cut short to reduce the humid environment that ticks thrive in.
  • Form play and recreational areas at least 10 feet away from wooded edges; place playsets on wood chip beds and in sunny areas.
  • Fully use patio and non-grass or non-vegetative areas as much as possible.

TBDA recommends a chemical tick repellant for your clothing when outside… You might try Dr Schulze’s non-toxic herbal products BUG BARRIER and BUG BLOCK to see whether ticks dislike them. You could also contact Dr Schulze’s office ( – customer support) to get their advice.

Best Lyme’s documentary

A client with Lyme’s just sent this link to what she calls “the best documentary yet on Lyme’s”:

Do you know anybody with Lyme’s – or anybody with suspicious symptoms that might be Lyme’s? Feel free to give them the link. Millions of people worldwide are not getting the help they need because … well, the documentary tells the story better.

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Lyme’s: Let it flow on through

Brave singer Debbie Gibson has Lyme’s and is bringing some much-needed attention to this elusive disease. Good for her!

Lyme’s Disease

Veterans of Lyme’s Disease struggle with mood swings, depression, extreme exhaustion, unexpected collapse… and chronic lack of money from being unable to handle a regular job. Hats off to “JB,” who spent hours writing a report on remedies she has tried and found to be helpful. Scroll down to read her report in full. This is how she ends her email:

I know first hand what a challenge it can be to “live with lymes” and find “life after lymes”, so I’m happy and humbled to be of service in any way I can. I hope this is helpful for you and your client. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification and feel free to forward this writing to your client. I’m happy to make myself available as a support and encouragement to her to keep up and never lose hope.

Dr Mercola’s Sept 2013 newsletter article on Lyme’s disease – including treatment and prevention ideas.

The Hippocrates Health Institute
offers a treatment for Lyme’s Disease that has a track record for impressive results: Colloidal Silver, administered intravenously. Read more…

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