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Green smoothies

After reading Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life, my family broke away from the “rule” of keeping veggies & fruits separate. Eating is very individual, so give this a try and see whether it suits you. Everything mentioned below must be organically grown so you get the high level of minerals and vitamins only present in fresh organic fruits & veggies.
Basic Green Smoothie

  • Put a glass of pure (structured) water into the blender.
  • Add 1 organic banana. (I put at least 2, but it makes a larger quantity)
  • Add some other fruit – could be an apple or a “wheel” of pineapple (or both – makes a larger quantity).
  • [Some fruits I would not put in: melon – eat alone; and citrus, because it doesn’t mix with banana.]
  • Then add some green leafy veggies: a leaf of chard and/or kale, a little fresh parsley, a stalk or 2 of celery.
  • Depending on the time of year, you can use a variety of all sorts of other veggies Read more…

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