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Liver Detox

If you’ve never heard of Dr Schulze and his website, it’s time to go visit! His super-powerful herbal remedies and detox programs really work, according to those who use them.

I just did the 5-Day Liver Detox. It was easy – plenty to eat and/or drink, no hunger at any time – and I particularly enjoyed getting back onto carrot/beet juice after a very long time. (The juices are optional, not required.)

You can choose the type of Liver Detox you do – depending on whether you normally eat a junk food diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever. I did the “Advanced” Detox because I wanted to get the maximum out of the Detox. Read more…

New slant for eyes

I’m receiving some Resonance Repatterning sessions on Vision, and my practitioner passed on a couple of suggestions from a well-known eye doctor in India: Raise the foot of your bed. He also suggests lying down on the slanted bed for 10-15 minutes after working for a couple of hours on a computer.

Start with a couple of inches, using sturdy blocks under the foot of the bed. The idea is to gradually increase the slant, until the foot of the bed is raised 30 degrees off the floor. That’s the equivalent of 24″ in a 6-foot bed. Wow! Go slow.

Caution: probably not advisable for people with high blood pressure, high pressure in the eyes, etc. In any case, start with just a couple of inches and see how you feel. I’m up to 6.5″ and it feels good.

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