Repatterning Sessions

Achieve your best ~ Resonate with it!

FAQs and Fees

How much do you charge for a session?

For a series of sessions, the discounted fee per session is $95 (in a series of 4) or $115 (in a series of 3+ monthly sessions).

How long does a session take?

The session is usually one hour and a quarter.  It sometimes runs longer. You can request a one hour session if you prefer.

Is there a time limit on using up the sessions in a series?

Yes. They are discounted for the benefit of clients who want sessions on a regular basis. You have two months to use up a series of 4, and three months to use up a series of 3.

What if I don’t want a series of 3 or 4 sessions?

That’s fine. You are welcome to schedule “Single” sessions periodically whenever you want them.


My Constitutional   A friend told me about your work on her Constitutional element. Does that come up in every session?  Do I need to request it?

You are welcome to make a request for this type of session at the start of any series of sessions.


Discounted rates

  • $95 per session for four sessions = $380 total
    Book 4 sessions at a time, use them up within 2 months
  • $115 per session for three monthly sessions = $345 total
    Book 3 or more monthly sessions at a time – use one up each month

Standard rates

  • $145 for a single session

How and when do I pay?  (click for info)


Postponing  Let the office know at least 24 hours ahead to avoid a cancellation fee. We reserve more than an hour of my time for each session! Contact us at


Can I use Resonance Repatterning to prepare for an operation? And to recover afterwards? Absolutely! Chloe herself used RR for this purpose – you can read about it here. The only thing I would update on that info (I wrote it in 2010) is that nowadays we eat the “Budwig Protocol” (delicious!) for breakfast and I have plenty of organic flaxseeds, plus small amounts of other seeds, walnuts and coconut oil.


Anthea Guinness, PhD
Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner (1993)

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