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The alkaline diet

This guy sure looks young after his decade on eating an alkaline diet!

Plus, I really like the idea that articles like this are getting exposure on Yahoo news and the like. Yey!

To eat more alkaline, the things to replace are: all dairy, alcohol, meat, coffee, sugar, gluten… and peanut butter. The day starts with a green smoothie – a tasty mix of greens and fruit.

The article includes basic pointers for doing a one-week cleanse. And then you find you stay on the diet because you like it!

Dealing with grief

Check out this story about Jaden Hayes, an extraordinary 6 year-old boy who has just lost his mum and his dad – and is carrying out a Smile Experiment to get “frowny people” to smile…

When people smile back, he says it makes him feel happier and happier.

Good for him!

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