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A friend contacted me recently and asked me to do a session with his son – a promising athlete who was soon to face a state tournament. A couple of weeks later he wrote to say:
I just wanted to let you know that my son won the State tournament and I am sure the session helped him throughout the process.  Also, as a result of our sessions, we had some great conversations throughout the past couple weeks.  Conversations that I had always hoped to have but for some reason they never happened. Thanks for all your help!   KB

Repatterning appreciation

A heart-warming response from an appreciative Repatterning client:

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help these last 4 sessions.  We really covered a lot of ground and I wanted you to know I really appreciate all the work and issues we handled. Lots of good stuff!!

It’s always nice to hear from clients – to share in how much better they are feeling about themselves and their lives. A big thank you to all of you!

Insomnia gone

As a practitioner, I tend to look on Resonance Repatterning as a counseling or coaching system. So it always gives me a nice surprise when a Repatterning session has a powerful physical effect, along with the usual positive shifts in the client’s mental/emotional issues.

Last week, a client mentioned she’d been experiencing “extreme insomnia,” waking up at 4am every day, for months, perhaps a year or more. She had also been experiencing “heat” flashes (not quite hot flashes, but uncomfortable). Read more…

Sinuses clear!

Last week the “Endorphin Stress Repatterning” came up for a client whose life is non-stop activity. The physical symptom of stress was a sinus block. She has had this sinus condition for months now – she can breathe through her nose, but her voice sounds like her nose is blocked from a heavy cold.

We did the usual identifying of resonance with underlying issues, earlier experience, what she wants instead – and followed with a simple, 2-3 second healing option: Read more…

A world of good!

It’s nice to be reminded how powerful just one Resonance Repatterning session can be. Here’s a note that came from somebody who had a session last week:

Many thanks for the session! It has done a world of good. cheers, M.

Abundant potential

You are truly a gift to unlocking abundant potential and love from within your clients – a most necessary requirement if we are to thrive and change the overall vibration of the planet! Your most keen supporter 🙂

Client: ER

A pinch of salt

In Punjab there’s a saying that sums up women as useless, unimportant, non-contributing members of the family: “A pinch of salt in the dough” (aate vich loon). Girls are brought up on this saying, hearing it over and over from their mother as a reminder and a warning.

(Don’t you love the irony – the male mind misses the point that salt is absolutely essential at every moment in life! Women forget, too.)

Anyway, in a recent session on abundance issues with a young woman in India Read more…

On-going changes

RP is a healer.

Going right to the point, he wrote after his first RR session:

I experienced almost immediate results from our session and I’m still feeling subtle changes going on.

Full of energy

After a first session:

what an uplifting and spirited vibrational excursion we shared this afternoon! i am filled with a buoyant humour and have made my calls to move forward with the positive action! i experienced wonderful electrical flashes within my body as we spoke and had to quieten my overactive  tongue response, as i do tend to yammer a bit:) but definitely did and do feel a delightful elation and confidence~a shifting of sorts~

you were wonderful, gentle and warm and i felt extremely safe under your guidance~what an incredible gift you offer~i am ever so grateful and deeply adjusted i feel~i look forward to our next session and already have another eager candidate for the repatterning magic!
Client: ERT

Dreaming in a new way

From a client with a background in horse therapy, homeopathy and abused women:

Wow! Yes, shifts are occurring!

I wanted to share some more positive things that came my way… A patient of mine mentioned 2 things. First – would I be interested in doing homeopathy at a non-profit camp that helps families through holistic means including horse therapy. (I would be paid for my work.) Second – she wants to establish my company through branding me – sharing with the world my beliefs so if they believe the same they will naturally seek me out. She will do this thru website, blogging, Facebook etc. This is her passion/business and she is willing to do it for free – I said via trade.

Pretty exciting even if nothing comes through. I’m dreaming in a new way!! Including working with the trafficked women’s ministry! As I share this info with my partner, I notice the shift in him also. Thanks for investing in me, dear!

Client: CTM

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