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Laundry water your trees

I’ve been trying to figure out for a couple of years now: how to get my laundry water out to the garden to water the trees. Dig a trench where the greywater exits the house and divert it from there? That’s a lot of work and quite an expense in piping – and if you don’t dig deep enough and get the angle right, it backs up into the house…

Today a simple solution: a 3-way valve, some piping and a garden hose. Hey presto – laundry water out to the plants!

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What’s your score?

Check out these stats on how much most Americans consume in a lifetime –

like, how much pizza, how many coffees, how many pairs of jeans and shoes…

Pretty shocking, even if you guess what’s coming.

If you are a weirdo like me, your score will be close to zero on almost all the items!!



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