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PB: Your personal best

One of my favourite RR stories concerns a South African athlete who was stuck – unable to break his own personal best time and compete successfully at the national level.

He went to a friend of mine for a Resonance Repatterning session. What came up during the session was a childhood memory of his father telling him: “You are very good but you will never be the best.” The athlete unconsciously resonated with that belief – and performed accordingly.

A few weeks after the session, the practitioner got a voicemail message from the athlete. He thanked her for the session and said he had just won an important race at the national level – he had finally gone beyond his personal best!

Obsessed with symptoms?

As a culture, are we obsessed with symptoms? Does our medical background make us focus exclusively on symptoms – rather than exploring the imbalance in us that is manifesting as a symptom?

In the ancient Acupuncture system, they spoke of three levels:

  • the spiritual
  • the human
  • the physical

And guess what, physical symptoms are considered of least importance! The main thing was to treat the human level (behaviour, attitudes, interactions – becoming a better human being) and the spiritual level (meditation, spiritual practice of some kind).

What happens to the symptoms when you treat the person instead of the disease? The focus shifts to: are you becoming happier? more at peace? do you feel more confident, content, inside yourself?

When those aspects start improving, then either the symptoms diminish and disappear, or they don’t.

If you are no longer obsessed with symptoms, you will focus instead on how you’re feeling: happy, positive, well nurtured by a sensible diet and daily routine, etc. You now have a symbiotic relationship with your symptoms (if they are still there): they do their thing, and you continue to do yours – with joy.

Does this approach work for things like migraines, insomnia, cancer? Why not! We know these are invitations to look at areas of our life or within ourself that are out of balance. And if our focus is on the exploring and the changing of our old patterns, we take the symptom as a signal that there’s still more work to do – if possible, with courage and serenity and a sense of humour.

Bottom line: Take care of the physical needs but focus on the human and the spiritual. Feel encouraged because you are feeling good in spite of your symptoms!

Is abuse normal?

Thanks to Obama’s public stand on domestic violence, a dynamic, open discussion about domestic abuse is suddenly trending in social media right now.

Too many women think that emotional and physical abuse is normal.

And that they are to blame.

Let’s hope the heartfelt sharing that’s going on will help educate women.

And men.

Abuse is not acceptable in any form.

It’s such a hard one to take on board. So many justifications on both sides. But at least the publicity is a beginning.

Personally, it was Resonance Repatterning that helped keep my husband and me even halfway on track:

  • getting to see where the anger and violence is coming from…
  • getting to change personal resonance with abusing, being abused…
  • feeling a sense of hope – in oneself, in relationship, in life…

A beginning!


“Cure” for back pains

A client last week shared that she is experiencing extreme pain in her sitz bones, so she can’t sit for long at all – and she works full time in an office, so imagine what that does for her.

It came up in her session that she needs to do the Foundation movements developed by Dr Eric Goodman and Peter Park, an athletics coach. You can see these demonstrated at youtube, starting with the “Pre-Founder” movement before going on to the Foundation movements. Even watching them feels good! And doing them for a few minutes may bring some great results.

My client wrote today to say: Read more…

Mother/Daughter Day

Last week I did a session on a client who shared that she had had a bit of an upset with her mother on – of all days of the year – Mothers’ Day! They were travelling together on an extended tour – and her elderly mom was consistently late or slow, keeping everybody else waiting. It finally came to a head on Mothers’ Day with a tiff – and her mom pointing out what day it was!

It came up in her session to do the “Clearing Communications Repatterning” – where you get to communicate to the person involved (in your imagination) the facts of what happened, how it made you feel, and what would have made all the difference.

The earlier experience underneath the current situation turned out to be my client’s birth process! Read more…

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