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Altzheimer’s: preparing now

A couple of pieces of advice from cutting-edge research on Altzheimer’s prevention:

  • eat coconut oil [organic] every day – 2 tbsp
  • avoid all gluten foods

I’m thrilled – these are things I do anyway!

More info in the coming weeks as we (my sister) sort through the material and distill out the do-able essentials.

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Rwanda: garbage dump to Harvard

Amazing story of Justus, an 8 year-old orphan who survived by eating scraps in the main garbage dump of Kigali in Rwanda: asked by an American woman in a taxi what he wanted, he said “an education”. He got it. Now he is going to Harvard – and is determined to pay it forward by helping the poor in some way. You can read his moving story here.

Gitanjali in the brothels of Delhi

Amazing story of transformation, hope and love in the 77 brothels of Delhi.

Running with Hope

Anonymous blog by a cancer survivor, talking about what it’s like to live with cancer.

Four short posts – poignant, revealing, heartening.

Run with Hope.


A friend responded to Run with Hope by sending a link to The Truth About Cancer.

Dr Burzynski’s films are now available at Amazon as DVDs, by the way.

DIY mechanical hands

Here’s an update on the make-your-own prosthesis story we blogged about in February.

There are now 1500 designers and engineers involved in a company called the e-NABLE Community. Their goal: to provide affordable online 3-D plans for building your own prosthetics.

All from one man, Ivan Owen, who posted online in 2011 a video of his homebuilt mechanical hand. 🙂

Is abuse normal?

Thanks to Obama’s public stand on domestic violence, a dynamic, open discussion about domestic abuse is suddenly trending in social media right now.

Too many women think that emotional and physical abuse is normal.

And that they are to blame.

Let’s hope the heartfelt sharing that’s going on will help educate women.

And men.

Abuse is not acceptable in any form.

It’s such a hard one to take on board. So many justifications on both sides. But at least the publicity is a beginning.

Personally, it was Resonance Repatterning that helped keep my husband and me even halfway on track:

  • getting to see where the anger and violence is coming from…
  • getting to change personal resonance with abusing, being abused…
  • feeling a sense of hope – in oneself, in relationship, in life…

A beginning!


Silverback gorillas in person

Check out this gorgeous encounter with Silverback gorillas in Uganda. Can you imagine sitting with all those guys and being touched by them… Amazing!

The friend who sent us this said: I don’t think I’d have remained that calm.

Liver Meridian Ahaa

I did a 5-day Liver Detox last week and am noticing a radical shift in the way my day flows, getting a wider variety of things done without planning or disciplining myself or making To Do lists. Can this really be attributed to a Liver Detox?


In Acupuncture, the Liver Meridian is the Planner. It’s the general of the army – with the ability, when healthy and strong, of

  • anticipating what is needed
  • making quick assessments
  • seeing the larger picture as well as filling in the details
  • allowing you to organize your life in a smooth way
  • flowing around obstacles
  • knowing the right amount of time for each task
  • creating strategies for success and handling the details with ease so you achieve your goals

Read more…

The story of building Ben’s house

My name is Ben Norton. This is my tiny house story. A neighbor of mine was all excited about [the Tiny House] blog and showed me lots of really cool tiny houses that people have built. I was hooked. I just said, “That’s what I’m going to do,” and I just started buying materials as I had money. I don’t think anyone really thought I was serious because I was eleven years old at the time.

So begins Ben’s story of how he built, at age 11-12, a house for himself, 12′ x 20′, with the help of motley friends of all ages. His well-written story is finished at the end of the summer – age 12! And his tiny house is waiting for next summer when he has a break from school and can insert windows and work on the interior.

Read Ben’s story at the TinyHouseBlog.

Love on Death Row

If you haven’t read this extraordinary story of persistence, positivity and release, you might like to read this account of two strangers connecting by mail, falling in love and successfully working towards freedom – 20 years behind bars, 10 in solitary confinement, for a crime that was proved he did not commit.

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