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From a woman facing death

Life lessons, from a woman courageously facing death while going on adventures – external and internal.

Cher, collagen and joints

An article on the Dr Oz formula for skin and wrinkles that everyone is crazy about (and that wonderful photo of Cher!) made me wonder whether it would help increase collagen around joints (knees, hips, ankles)…

Collagen grows, if the right nutrients are provided, but very slowly.

I haven’t tried the creams and know nothing about them. For facial treatment, Dr Oz recommends using both together. Vegans would need to read up on the ingredients… VEGAN ALERT – read on.

  • Click here for info on the ingredients in the Cellogica Day and Night cream, which stimulates collagen production through vitamin C. [Vegans: It contains glicerine – animal based?? Also contains plant stem cells and human stem cells]
  • Click here for info on the ingredients of Rapid Repair Eye Serum – containing hyaluronic acid, which binds moisture. [Vegans: It contains Superoxide dismutase – SOD is commercially obtained from bovine liver, horseradish, cantaloupe and by fermenting certain bacteria]

A friend just wrote in to say she ordered both products and found they are full of unhealthy ingredients. She threw them away! Ah well…

Update: Women and Hollywood

Have you seen this must-read NY Times article on Women and Hollywood?

Take a deep breath – and keep breathing.

It’s stuff we all know – but it’s really quite daunting, especially when you see those women’s faces: talent, intelligence, creativity, bouncing off the page.

No wonder the men of Hollywood are threatened!

Early signs of ovarian cancer

Survivors describe ovarian cancer as the cancer that whispers. Looking back, they realize they were sick for 2 years or more before they were diagnosed – and the symptoms were there all along.

Here are four common symptoms of ovarian cancer, based on the experience of survivors:

  • bloating (lie on back and press to see whether you can feel any lumps or mass)
  • urinary changes (example: needing to pee more often or during the night)
  • difficulty eating or feeling full quickly; sometimes losing weight quickly
  • pelvic or abdominal pain; sometimes indigestion, stomachaches
  • other: tiredness that doesn’t go away; back pain; constipation
  • a clue: Listen to your gut – respond to any exceptional dips or peaks in what’s normal for your body when they happen over a 1- or 2-month period – “a shift that lasts over time” is how one doctor puts it

Read more…

Journey of Hope

Education for children in isolated mountain areas of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan – inspiring and touching. They need our pennies and our good wishes.

Anthea G, Repatterning Sessions: 623-465-4733

Gitanjali in the brothels of Delhi

Amazing story of transformation, hope and love in the 77 brothels of Delhi.

Is abuse normal?

Thanks to Obama’s public stand on domestic violence, a dynamic, open discussion about domestic abuse is suddenly trending in social media right now.

Too many women think that emotional and physical abuse is normal.

And that they are to blame.

Let’s hope the heartfelt sharing that’s going on will help educate women.

And men.

Abuse is not acceptable in any form.

It’s such a hard one to take on board. So many justifications on both sides. But at least the publicity is a beginning.

Personally, it was Resonance Repatterning that helped keep my husband and me even halfway on track:

  • getting to see where the anger and violence is coming from…
  • getting to change personal resonance with abusing, being abused…
  • feeling a sense of hope – in oneself, in relationship, in life…

A beginning!


For breast cancer: “herbal chemo”

Check out this inspiring story about a woman who went the route of serious detoxing when she was diagnosed with cancer. There is hope!

Balloon messages inspire a stranger

Warning: This article will probably make you weep.

Three sisters suddenly lost their mother to cancer just before Mother’s Day. They had no money for a funeral, so they set about raising the necessary $10,000 through bake sales etc. They reached $2,000 … and a friend suggested they write goodbye letters to their mum and send them off via helium balloons.

The next day a stranger found the balloons and the notes attached – and you can read the happy ending here!

Lyme’s: Let it flow on through

Brave singer Debbie Gibson has Lyme’s and is bringing some much-needed attention to this elusive disease. Good for her!

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