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How green is your fork?

Can we – can I – have a positive and significant effect on the earth?

More and more people are beginning to believe that the biggest positive impact we can have is absolutely basic: through our food choices.

In 2008, inspired by “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” a UN report on the impact of livestock farming on the environment, I wrote “How green is your fork?” for L’Inconnu magazine in Senegal. The article was recently mentioned in a book, Living in Tune with Your Heart – so I searched the article out and decided to post it here. Read more…

Anti-aging foods

Here’s a personal short list from an article about foods that fight aging:

  • cacao beans for “cocoa flavinol”, which reverses cognitive aging (delicious ground up in smoothies or sesame seed “chocolate truffles”)
  • blueberries and other brightly coloured fruits and veggies to reduce inflammation and stress
  • almonds and other foods for magnesium
  • tomatoes for phytochemicals and antioxidants
  • flaxseeds to reduce cellular inflammation and omega-3s (Grind fresh)
  • walnuts for omega-3s and to improve memory and learning skills (Remember the shape of a whole walnut and the shape of the human brain – makes sense they’re linked for good brain health)
  • natto (Japanese fermented soybeans from Asian markets) for vit K2
  • spinach for antioxidants and phytochemicals (Eat it fresh – it loses 50% of antioxidants after 4 days)
  • chia seeds for omega-3s and anti-inflammatory properties
  • green tea for antioxidants and better brain connectivity
  • black beans – a top anti-aging anti-inflammatory food (also other legumes/beans like pinto beans and aduki beans etc.)
  • onions and garlic for those who can handle them (I can’t)
  • turmeric is powerful – take with coconut oil and black pepper to increase bio-availability – concentrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, good for memory
  • black pepper for piperine (healthy brain function) and antioxidants

Good to have these several times a week if not daily. For the original article, including non-veg foods, see Foods that fight aging.

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it works

A friend of ours swears by French green clay – calcium bentonite. He uses “green clay” for everything. Takes it internally. Uses it externally for anything that comes along – insect bites, mosquitoes, burns… pimples, itchy scalp, falling hair… Anything from a sore throat or a headache to a tumour and radiation.

What he likes best about it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it works. He was so enthusiastic (and healthy) it got us interested and we’re now on our way to becoming committed living clay users!

Some ways to use it Read more…

A hug that makes you cry

So beautiful – a lion reunited after 5 years with its rescuer…

Silverback gorillas in person

Check out this gorgeous encounter with Silverback gorillas in Uganda. Can you imagine sitting with all those guys and being touched by them… Amazing!

The friend who sent us this said: I don’t think I’d have remained that calm.

Elepoo on Bach

Gotta love this charming response from a couple of elephants being serenaded with Bach… (wait for the ending!)

Inadvertently poisoning honey bees?

A study (reported in ABC News) finds that more than half the plants available at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Walmart are treated as seeds with a pesticide that is suspected of causing the death of honey bees.

And it gets worse. Neonics are banned or “on hold” for 2 years in European countries – but the EPA (US) is stalling. They suggest not using neonics (in all common garden pesticide products) “around bees.” Hallo?!

Beepocalypse? Monsanto? A long list of foods we will lose if bees die out

Oh dear. Time to go organic. Time to grow from organic seeds. Time to say NO to neonic usage at Lowe’s, HD and Walmart, for a start.

One marathon every day: 366!

Can you imagine running a marathon (over 26 miles) every day for 366 days?

A New Zealand couple in their sixties has done it – running around Australia in 2013, through all types of weather, fueling themselves with a 100% vegan, raw-food diet. No injuries, feeling great!

Janette is a cancer-survivor who was given 6 months to live more than ten years ago. She and Alan (her husband of more than 40 years!) set the world record in consecutive marathons to help people become more aware of living consciously, with compassion and good health.


You can read about their adventurous life, travelling, sailing, bringing up two children, here:

What a hug!

Look at this gorgeous hug from a grateful chimpanzee ––151638566.html?vp=1


…A week later I got inspired and spent the afternoon watching Beauty and the Beasts

preceded by Into the Wild – 3 segments of 60 Minutes on the great migration, the forest elephants …and the chimpanzees


Quite a lady!

Kayden + rain

Adorable – toddler’s reaction to her first rainfall!

A lovely reminder of how we once felt… and what a capacity for joy and appreciation we haveĀ  within us!

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