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Movie theaters

Are you one of those weird people who put their clothes out in the sun to air when they’ve been out anywhere? Embarrassed to admit it – I am!

Today we are vindicated, people! Turns out Strep 3, fecal matter and a gazillion other germs are found on movie chair seats, armrests, floor… (What about the head rest? They always feel gross). The air is #7 on a 7-point list.

Yes, OK, germs are everywhere. I guess the main thing is: If you’re feeling unwell, do the obvious and think twice about going to a movie!


Arsenic – in rice

OK, so I’m behind the times and you already know. Arsenic in rice?! But it’s logical. Rice grows in water – and the water is polluted by runoff: fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals. Even organic rice.

Read a brief report here comparing white vs brown vs organic. (Catch all 11 points in the article – you’ll miss them unless you click the More option.)

All rice products are affected – no exceptions. Bye-bye rice cakes, rice dream, basmati comfort. Hallo quinoa, hallo millet (fortunately, they really are delicious!).

It’s a rule of thumb to avoid packaged foods anyway (refined, cooked, flavoured, doctored in various ways), so cook up whole grain millet or quinoa in 20 minutes or less, flavour with your own add-ons (try a little coconut oil, kelp powder, Bragg’s amino, dulse flakes, a tsp of miso, a sprinkle of turmeric…) and enjoy a healthy meal!

8 health tips from the morgue!

Good news for low-fat low-protein vegans

To your very good health!

Excellent “how to” on selecting good fruit

Great video on how to select ripe fruit

  • avocados
  • peaches
  • apples
  • watermelons
  • canteloupes
  • mangoes
  • oranges

New slant for eyes

I’m receiving some Resonance Repatterning sessions on Vision, and my practitioner passed on a couple of suggestions from a well-known eye doctor in India: Raise the foot of your bed. He also suggests lying down on the slanted bed for 10-15 minutes after working for a couple of hours on a computer.

Start with a couple of inches, using sturdy blocks under the foot of the bed. The idea is to gradually increase the slant, until the foot of the bed is raised 30 degrees off the floor. That’s the equivalent of 24″ in a 6-foot bed. Wow! Go slow.

Caution: probably not advisable for people with high blood pressure, high pressure in the eyes, etc. In any case, start with just a couple of inches and see how you feel. I’m up to 6.5″ and it feels good.

Solution for dry eyes

For one reason or another, a lot of us live with dry eyes – air conditioning in summer, heating in winter, and staring at computer screens in all weathers…

I was reminded of this last week by a client who is suffering from dry eyes. I suggested that she might like to try a home-made saline solution that takes just a few seconds to make. And I got inspired myself and made some, which I’ve been using all week with good results. Read more…

Negative Pole Magnets: “extraordinary results”

In a Vision session this week, a client and I visited the information Chloe has put together on Negative Pole Magnets. Wow – it’s quite amazing! It made me go dig out my two ceramic block magnets from the back room and start using them again – one under my pillow and the other in my favourite armchair. I already have an NP magnet pad on my computer chair and another in my bed (!).

It also reminded me of a practitioner in Mexico I heard about recently who has given out half a dozen ceramic block magnets to people he knows with cancer, intestinal pain, etc. He says they are all getting extraordinary results, just placing the ceramic block on the affected area. Read more…

Z’s nutrition info – excellent

I find useful for nutrition info Read more…

UK animal voiceovers

Free of pain for 2-3 hours – by belly laughing! Read more…

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