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Moving well, moving naturally: Feldenkrais

Sometimes, after too much time on the computer or sitting still reading, my hip/leg suddenly give way when I move about… Clearly something is out of alignment (my life schedule, for one!), so I’m experimenting with a couple of things that are already bringing good results:

First, I quit crossing my legs at the ankle.

Crossing the legs at the knee is a no-no. It pulls the body alignment out and it weakens your body-mind energy (you can check this with a simple muscle check: On if it strengthens your system, Off if it weakens).

I sleep on my side, so I’m careful now to support the upper knee with the lower knee. If you can’t do that comfortably and want to “scissor” your legs, hip specialists suggest supporting the upper knee with a firm cushion.

Next, I happened to take a week’s retreat and came up with a more balanced schedule.

If you can afford a week off somewhere – away from computers, phones of all kinds, texting, you name it – with lots of quiet time, nothing like it! Positive ideas and solutions start bubbling up after a couple of days’ of complete rest and quiet. Read more…

Health resources

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) – all vegetarian & vegan doctors:


Dr Doug Graham: The 80/10/10 Diet 

  • Makes you think about what you’re eating and what your system really needs
  • Discusses in detail the three main dietary issues: protein, carbohydrates, fats
  • Examines dietary myths, including “healthy” vegetarian dietstyles
  • His thesis: If you are healthy, you are naturally active (athletic) – the two go together; can’t be healthy and inactive
  • Very solid research, including years’ working with hundreds of athletes and sedentary types
  • Lots of simple recipes to get you started
  • FAQs at Doug Graham’s website and Testimonials


Dr Richard Schulze, super-strong herbal remedies that work:

  • His lively informative Blog (with free downloads on detoxing, etc):
  • Getting sick and need a remedy? Travelling by plane and need protection? Feel like detoxing? Check out the Schulze line of herbal remedies – they may be just what you are looking for.
  • The flu & cold “shots” (small bottle of remedy you sip during day OR drink in one go when you’re “on the verge”) is very effective. If you don’t do anything else, try taking “Protect” (for heart, liver, kidneys). Periodic detoxing: Check out the 5-Day Liver Detox etc listed in the left sidebar at his website.
  • Serious illnesses: Follow his “There are no incurables” program


Read more…

Pomegranates for smooth move

Last night I picked 4 medium/small pomegranates off our little organic tree (planted last year), put the seeds in the VitaMix and blended them with a little water. It was pretty tart (as in sour) so I added some organic honey and a huge organic apple. Delicious!

The smoothie definitely had a grainy texture, what with all those seeds – but I went right off to sleep and my eyes felt relaxed when I woke (usually they’re tense from computer work). I had what felt like indigestion in the early hours of the morning BUT: before breakfast and after lunch had 2 great bowel movements, normal in every way except …huge. No exaggeration.

I’m impressed. Forget constipation or small BMs. Go for the pomegranates!

Here’s a great list of the multiple benefits of pomegranates – you’re bound to recognize your own symptoms & needs on their list, so check it out! (And that website looks like an excellent source of info on all sorts of health conditions. Suggestion: go for the vegan or purely plant-based options; avoid meat, fish, eggs, dairy.)

Creating tick-free zones

The Tick-Borne Disease Alliance recommends creating areas in your yard that are free from ticks.


  • Tidy up by removing leaves, branches and debris, which create hiding places for ticks and their hosts.
  • Install 3-foot wide gravel or wood chip barriers along the edges of stone walls, ornamental gardens and woodlot perimeters.
  • Create gravel or wood chip pathways linking the house to frequently used outside areas.
  • Keep woodpiles and bird feeders far away from the home as they attract rodents which ticks feed on.
  • Open up areas to direct sunlight and keep lawns cut short to reduce the humid environment that ticks thrive in.
  • Form play and recreational areas at least 10 feet away from wooded edges; place playsets on wood chip beds and in sunny areas.
  • Fully use patio and non-grass or non-vegetative areas as much as possible.

TBDA recommends a chemical tick repellant for your clothing when outside… You might try Dr Schulze’s non-toxic herbal products BUG BARRIER and BUG BLOCK to see whether ticks dislike them. You could also contact Dr Schulze’s office ( – customer support) to get their advice.

Liver Detox

If you’ve never heard of Dr Schulze and his website, it’s time to go visit! His super-powerful herbal remedies and detox programs really work, according to those who use them.

I just did the 5-Day Liver Detox. It was easy – plenty to eat and/or drink, no hunger at any time – and I particularly enjoyed getting back onto carrot/beet juice after a very long time. (The juices are optional, not required.)

You can choose the type of Liver Detox you do – depending on whether you normally eat a junk food diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever. I did the “Advanced” Detox because I wanted to get the maximum out of the Detox. Read more…

Lowest cancer rate in the world

A medical geographer, Harold D. Foster, spent years tracking cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Altzheimers, Schizophrenia and other illnesses in terms of geographical locations and dominant characteristics of the terrain.

The place with the lowest incidence of cancer is Senegal. The five characteristics Foster found most significant for Senegal:

  • selenium (in the soil)
  • plenty of sunshine
  • hard water (the hardest water in the world!)
  • very little mercury in the soil
  • no road salt (used for snow and ice, but gives off cyanide when the sun shines on it)

You can get your weekly dose of selenium from eating 2-3 brazil nuts (organic). You don’t need a lot – trace amounts of selenium are what is healthful.

And you can get another essential anti-cancer ingredient right in your own home:

  • plenty of sleep!

Fast remedy for flu, coughs, colds, sore throats

Years ago a Canadian friend shared a remedy with me in India. She says she always travels with it and it never fails.

On a recent trip, my sister suddenly came down with a terrific sore throat, cold and cough right from the lungs – the day before our long 2-day journey home. She tried her entire arsenal of remedies. They helped reduce her sore throat, but nothing else.

Finally, the day we got home, she gave the Oregano remedy a go: Immediate relief from coughing, pain in the lungs abated, nose-blowing disappeared.

The joke is that I put 4 drops of Oregano into a small remedy bottle so we could take it onboard the airplane in case she needed it en route. When I got home, I forgot what was in the bottle, swished it around with a little water and swigged it down. Yikes – strong stuff! I had to follow up with 3 glasses of water – but the beginnings of my sore throat and cold stopped dead on the spot.

How To: Read more…

Lyme’s Disease

Veterans of Lyme’s Disease struggle with mood swings, depression, extreme exhaustion, unexpected collapse… and chronic lack of money from being unable to handle a regular job. Hats off to “JB,” who spent hours writing a report on remedies she has tried and found to be helpful. Scroll down to read her report in full. This is how she ends her email:

I know first hand what a challenge it can be to “live with lymes” and find “life after lymes”, so I’m happy and humbled to be of service in any way I can. I hope this is helpful for you and your client. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification and feel free to forward this writing to your client. I’m happy to make myself available as a support and encouragement to her to keep up and never lose hope.

Dr Mercola’s Sept 2013 newsletter article on Lyme’s disease – including treatment and prevention ideas.

The Hippocrates Health Institute
offers a treatment for Lyme’s Disease that has a track record for impressive results: Colloidal Silver, administered intravenously. Read more…

Falling apart

Hallelujah for people who are willing to make changes when things are not working!

This week I had a session with somebody who, in her own words, is falling apart. She has received several disturbing test results and is scheduled for an operation.

There’s no point giving somebody good advice if they’re not open to receiving it and acting on it. So I asked her what approach felt comfortable for her – putting herself in the hands of experts (whether western medical doctors or alternative healers) or actively doing things herself to bring about healing changes (along with appropriate help from doctors and practitioners). She opted for getting going with helping herself, along with guidance from her various health practitioners.

In case there’s somebody else out there who would like to make some life-changing improvements, here’s a quick list of things I shared with my client that she could begin with – based on what I would start with if I were falling apart:

1. Food and water

What kind of food are you eating? What kind of water do you drink?

  • You might want to read about healthy structured water ( and start drinking and bathing in structured water.
  • I would immediately get onto a low-fat, low-protein vegan organic dietstyle. and – these websites will help you get started on a healthier way of eating. Then keep going with refining your vegan dietstyle more and more (I’ve been vegetarian since the 60s and vegan since the 80s – I’m still learning and refining!). Make sure you make it fun. Read more…

Cancer self-help

Where to begin?

Chloe put together the following suggestions at the request of a friend with cancer. Read more…

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