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High-fat diet starves cancer cells

Read the whole of Dr Mercola’s helpful article by clicking here – excerpts below.

The importance of diet for successful cancer treatment

The foundational aspect that must be addressed is the metabolic mitochondrial defect, and this involves radically reducing the non-fiber carbohydrates in your diet and increasing high-quality fats. You may need up to 85 percent of your dietary calories from healthy fats, along with a moderate amount of high-quality protein, as excessive protein can also trigger cancer growth. Read more…

Brain fog and depression


How is your digestive tract? How long since you did any detoxing? How close to a vegan sos dietstyle are you (no salt, no sugar, no oil)?

You can always go back to low salt and oil when you are free of depression and brain fog…

Here are a few reminders from a medical specialist: Read more…

Movie theaters

Are you one of those weird people who put their clothes out in the sun to air when they’ve been out anywhere? Embarrassed to admit it – I am!

Today we are vindicated, people! Turns out Strep 3, fecal matter and a gazillion other germs are found on movie chair seats, armrests, floor… (What about the head rest? They always feel gross). The air is #7 on a 7-point list.

Yes, OK, germs are everywhere. I guess the main thing is: If you’re feeling unwell, do the obvious and think twice about going to a movie!


Cher, collagen and joints

An article on the Dr Oz formula for skin and wrinkles that everyone is crazy about (and that wonderful photo of Cher!) made me wonder whether it would help increase collagen around joints (knees, hips, ankles)…

Collagen grows, if the right nutrients are provided, but very slowly.

I haven’t tried the creams and know nothing about them. For facial treatment, Dr Oz recommends using both together. Vegans would need to read up on the ingredients… VEGAN ALERT – read on.

  • Click here for info on the ingredients in the Cellogica Day and Night cream, which stimulates collagen production through vitamin C. [Vegans: It contains glicerine – animal based?? Also contains plant stem cells and human stem cells]
  • Click here for info on the ingredients of Rapid Repair Eye Serum – containing hyaluronic acid, which binds moisture. [Vegans: It contains Superoxide dismutase – SOD is commercially obtained from bovine liver, horseradish, cantaloupe and by fermenting certain bacteria]

A friend just wrote in to say she ordered both products and found they are full of unhealthy ingredients. She threw them away! Ah well…

Changing ourselves by changing the brain

Yes, it sounds like Resonance Repatterning!

It’s nice to find articles out there in the internet mainstream, addressing the ways one can approach self-transformation.

No Tyme For Lyme

A client with Lyme’s recently sent info on a special homeopathic remedy she is having success with: No Tyme for Lyme.

She used to be in bed with 3-5 day headaches twice a month or more. Now – no more headaches.

She is so enthused, she is helping promote the remedy. You can connect to her website here.

Early signs of ovarian cancer

Survivors describe ovarian cancer as the cancer that whispers. Looking back, they realize they were sick for 2 years or more before they were diagnosed – and the symptoms were there all along.

Here are four common symptoms of ovarian cancer, based on the experience of survivors:

  • bloating (lie on back and press to see whether you can feel any lumps or mass)
  • urinary changes (example: needing to pee more often or during the night)
  • difficulty eating or feeling full quickly; sometimes losing weight quickly
  • pelvic or abdominal pain; sometimes indigestion, stomachaches
  • other: tiredness that doesn’t go away; back pain; constipation
  • a clue: Listen to your gut – respond to any exceptional dips or peaks in what’s normal for your body when they happen over a 1- or 2-month period – “a shift that lasts over time” is how one doctor puts it

Read more…

Anti-aging foods

Here’s a personal short list from an article about foods that fight aging:

  • cacao beans for “cocoa flavinol”, which reverses cognitive aging (delicious ground up in smoothies or sesame seed “chocolate truffles”)
  • blueberries and other brightly coloured fruits and veggies to reduce inflammation and stress
  • almonds and other foods for magnesium
  • tomatoes for phytochemicals and antioxidants
  • flaxseeds to reduce cellular inflammation and omega-3s (Grind fresh)
  • walnuts for omega-3s and to improve memory and learning skills (Remember the shape of a whole walnut and the shape of the human brain – makes sense they’re linked for good brain health)
  • natto (Japanese fermented soybeans from Asian markets) for vit K2
  • spinach for antioxidants and phytochemicals (Eat it fresh – it loses 50% of antioxidants after 4 days)
  • chia seeds for omega-3s and anti-inflammatory properties
  • green tea for antioxidants and better brain connectivity
  • black beans – a top anti-aging anti-inflammatory food (also other legumes/beans like pinto beans and aduki beans etc.)
  • onions and garlic for those who can handle them (I can’t)
  • turmeric is powerful – take with coconut oil and black pepper to increase bio-availability – concentrated anti-inflammatory and antioxidants, good for memory
  • black pepper for piperine (healthy brain function) and antioxidants

Good to have these several times a week if not daily. For the original article, including non-veg foods, see Foods that fight aging.

Can you be too alkaline?

A client mentioned a couple of days ago that she tests off the chart alkaline (using a saliva test and acid/alkaline litmus paper slip). She figured she should not eat foods that make her more alkaline or she’ll really be in trouble… If your saliva or urine test is consistently too alkaline, it’s possible you are seeing the by-product of being too acid! Maybe due to an acidic dietstyle, or a lot of stress in your life, or too much pollution (toxic chemicals in the air, water, food, furniture, paint, etc.). Take a look here at a short piece about being too acidic but showing up alkaline.

Different areas of the body have different acidity ratings. Blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid need to be slightly alkaline: pH of 7.4   Cancerous tissues are acidic (less than 7); healthy tissues are alkaline (more than 7). Read more…

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it works

A friend of ours swears by French green clay – calcium bentonite. He uses “green clay” for everything. Takes it internally. Uses it externally for anything that comes along – insect bites, mosquitoes, burns… pimples, itchy scalp, falling hair… Anything from a sore throat or a headache to a tumour and radiation.

What he likes best about it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it works. He was so enthusiastic (and healthy) it got us interested and we’re now on our way to becoming committed living clay users!

Some ways to use it Read more…

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