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The “Oil Pull”

This is a traditional Russian remedy that’s very powerful for pulling toxins out of your system. You need organic cold-pressed sunflower oil – and you do it on an empty stomach (early morning or before meals).

How To: Put 1 tbsp of the oil in your mouth and slowly swish it around from side to side, through the teeth, etc. Continue for as long as you can (15-20 minutes is ideal). Then spit out the oil and thoroughly rinse your mouth and spit again. If the oil is yellow, you haven’t done it long enough; the oil will be white and watery when you’re done.

The swishing motion of the oil stimulates production of enzymes. The enzymes draw toxins out of your blood and your saliva. (It’s possible that any oil would work – sesame, coconut… Sunflower is used in Russia because it’s available locally, I imagine.)

Don’t swallow any of the oil – it’s full of toxic matter. After you’ve finished swishing, keep rinsing with water, using your index finger to rub the teeth and gums. Clean the sink after, to get rid of the toxic microbes etc.

Dr F. Karach has used the oil pull for acute and chronic diseases, including migraines, bronchitis, diseased teeth, arterial thrombosis, blood disorders (even leukemia), arthritis, neurological issues, paralysis, eczema, gastroenteritis, peritonitis, heart disease, kidney disease, meningitis, hormonal disorders. Read more…

Running with Hope

Anonymous blog by a cancer survivor, talking about what it’s like to live with cancer.

Four short posts – poignant, revealing, heartening.

Run with Hope.


A friend responded to Run with Hope by sending a link to The Truth About Cancer.

Dr Burzynski’s films are now available at Amazon as DVDs, by the way.

Guide to antioxidants

A friend just sent me this link to the “ultimate guide to antioxidants” – an in-depth article by Dr Mercola where he talks about the different types of antioxidants, the beneficial effect, and the FOODS that contain them, etc. (That last bit is the piece that interests me most.)

Pomegranates for smooth move

Last night I picked 4 medium/small pomegranates off our little organic tree (planted last year), put the seeds in the VitaMix and blended them with a little water. It was pretty tart (as in sour) so I added some organic honey and a huge organic apple. Delicious!

The smoothie definitely had a grainy texture, what with all those seeds – but I went right off to sleep and my eyes felt relaxed when I woke (usually they’re tense from computer work). I had what felt like indigestion in the early hours of the morning BUT: before breakfast and after lunch had 2 great bowel movements, normal in every way except …huge. No exaggeration.

I’m impressed. Forget constipation or small BMs. Go for the pomegranates!

Here’s a great list of the multiple benefits of pomegranates – you’re bound to recognize your own symptoms & needs on their list, so check it out! (And that website looks like an excellent source of info on all sorts of health conditions. Suggestion: go for the vegan or purely plant-based options; avoid meat, fish, eggs, dairy.)

Liver Meridian Ahaa

I did a 5-day Liver Detox last week and am noticing a radical shift in the way my day flows, getting a wider variety of things done without planning or disciplining myself or making To Do lists. Can this really be attributed to a Liver Detox?


In Acupuncture, the Liver Meridian is the Planner. It’s the general of the army – with the ability, when healthy and strong, of

  • anticipating what is needed
  • making quick assessments
  • seeing the larger picture as well as filling in the details
  • allowing you to organize your life in a smooth way
  • flowing around obstacles
  • knowing the right amount of time for each task
  • creating strategies for success and handling the details with ease so you achieve your goals

Read more…

Liver Detox

If you’ve never heard of Dr Schulze and his website, it’s time to go visit! His super-powerful herbal remedies and detox programs really work, according to those who use them.

I just did the 5-Day Liver Detox. It was easy – plenty to eat and/or drink, no hunger at any time – and I particularly enjoyed getting back onto carrot/beet juice after a very long time. (The juices are optional, not required.)

You can choose the type of Liver Detox you do – depending on whether you normally eat a junk food diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever. I did the “Advanced” Detox because I wanted to get the maximum out of the Detox. Read more…

For breast cancer: “herbal chemo”

Check out this inspiring story about a woman who went the route of serious detoxing when she was diagnosed with cancer. There is hope!

Lowest cancer rate in the world

A medical geographer, Harold D. Foster, spent years tracking cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Altzheimers, Schizophrenia and other illnesses in terms of geographical locations and dominant characteristics of the terrain.

The place with the lowest incidence of cancer is Senegal. The five characteristics Foster found most significant for Senegal:

  • selenium (in the soil)
  • plenty of sunshine
  • hard water (the hardest water in the world!)
  • very little mercury in the soil
  • no road salt (used for snow and ice, but gives off cyanide when the sun shines on it)

You can get your weekly dose of selenium from eating 2-3 brazil nuts (organic). You don’t need a lot – trace amounts of selenium are what is healthful.

And you can get another essential anti-cancer ingredient right in your own home:

  • plenty of sleep!

Negative Pole Magnets: “extraordinary results”

In a Vision session this week, a client and I visited the information Chloe has put together on Negative Pole Magnets. Wow – it’s quite amazing! It made me go dig out my two ceramic block magnets from the back room and start using them again – one under my pillow and the other in my favourite armchair. I already have an NP magnet pad on my computer chair and another in my bed (!).

It also reminded me of a practitioner in Mexico I heard about recently who has given out half a dozen ceramic block magnets to people he knows with cancer, intestinal pain, etc. He says they are all getting extraordinary results, just placing the ceramic block on the affected area. Read more…

Cancer self-help

Where to begin?

Chloe put together the following suggestions at the request of a friend with cancer. Read more…

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