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What the Health

You may have heard about the documentary What the Health. It’s well worth watching – for free, with subtitles, at youtube.┬áCheck out what doctors and researchers with decades of experience in nutrition have to say about cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, dementia… The good news: You can help yourself today.

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it works

A friend of ours swears by French green clay – calcium bentonite. He uses “green clay” for everything. Takes it internally. Uses it externally for anything that comes along – insect bites, mosquitoes, burns… pimples, itchy scalp, falling hair… Anything from a sore throat or a headache to a tumour and radiation.

What he likes best about it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it works. He was so enthusiastic (and healthy) it got us interested and we’re now on our way to becoming committed living clay users!

Some ways to use it Read more…

Moving well, moving naturally: Feldenkrais

Sometimes, after too much time on the computer or sitting still reading, my hip/leg suddenly give way when I move about… Clearly something is out of alignment (my life schedule, for one!), so I’m experimenting with a couple of things that are already bringing good results:

First, I quit crossing my legs at the ankle.

Crossing the legs at the knee is a no-no. It pulls the body alignment out and it weakens your body-mind energy (you can check this with a simple muscle check: On if it strengthens your system, Off if it weakens).

I sleep on my side, so I’m careful now to support the upper knee with the lower knee. If you can’t do that comfortably and want to “scissor” your legs, hip specialists suggest supporting the upper knee with a firm cushion.

Next, I happened to take a week’s retreat and came up with a more balanced schedule.

If you can afford a week off somewhere – away from computers, phones of all kinds, texting, you name it – with lots of quiet time, nothing like it! Positive ideas and solutions start bubbling up after a couple of days’ of complete rest and quiet. Read more…

Liver Detox

If you’ve never heard of Dr Schulze and his website, it’s time to go visit! His super-powerful herbal remedies and detox programs really work, according to those who use them.

I just did the 5-Day Liver Detox. It was easy – plenty to eat and/or drink, no hunger at any time – and I particularly enjoyed getting back onto carrot/beet juice after a very long time. (The juices are optional, not required.)

You can choose the type of Liver Detox you do – depending on whether you normally eat a junk food diet, a vegetarian diet, or whatever. I did the “Advanced” Detox because I wanted to get the maximum out of the Detox. Read more…

“Cure” for back pains

A client last week shared that she is experiencing extreme pain in her sitz bones, so she can’t sit for long at all – and she works full time in an office, so imagine what that does for her.

It came up in her session that she needs to do the Foundation movements developed by Dr Eric Goodman and Peter Park, an athletics coach. You can see these demonstrated at youtube, starting with the “Pre-Founder” movement before going on to the Foundation movements. Even watching them feels good! And doing them for a few minutes may bring some great results.

My client wrote today to say: Read more…

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