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Celery boost

Off and on in the last few months I’ve been reading Anthony William’s books in the medical medium series. The latest one is on Celery Juice: what he says is fascinating!

What got us to read the book and dust off our juicer is the amazing results a friend of ours has experienced from being on the celery juice routine for 3 months – all her health issues have disappeared one by one.

Highly recommend the book and the juice! We’ve been juicing for about a month now – health improvements visible from the first week ūüôā

PB: Your personal best

One of my favourite RR stories concerns a South African athlete who was stuck – unable to break his own personal best time and compete successfully at the national level.

He went to a friend of mine for a Resonance Repatterning session. What came up during the session was a childhood memory of his father telling him: “You are very good but you will never be the best.” The athlete unconsciously resonated with that belief – and performed accordingly.

A few weeks after the session, the practitioner got a voicemail message from the athlete. He thanked her for the session and said he had just won an important race at the national level – he had finally gone beyond his personal best!


A friend contacted me recently and asked me to do a session with his son – a promising athlete who was soon to face a state tournament. A couple of weeks later he wrote to say:
I just wanted to let you know that my son won the State tournament and I am sure the session helped him throughout the process.  Also, as a result of our sessions, we had some great conversations throughout the past couple weeks.  Conversations that I had always hoped to have but for some reason they never happened. Thanks for all your help!   KB

Eat and Run

I reread Scott Jurek’s EAT AND RUN last week. What a story! And so interesting that Scott’s endurance, speed and quick recovery times are based on a purely plant-based diet (vegan).

Another vegetarian athlete is described in “Aikido Trial by Fire” – a story told in Chapter 6 of Chloe Wordsworth’s book, LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR LIGHT.

It’s nice for the younger generation – there are so many role models now among outstanding athletes of all types who eat plant-based diets because it improves their performance and their health.

You can google¬†VEGAN WRESTLERS… RUNNERS… BODYBUILDERS… SWIMMERS… FOOTBALL PLAYERS… BASKETBALL PLAYERS… – thousands of links come up! (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – with more than 12,000 doctor members, most on plant-based diets) is of course a solid reference place for any athlete exploring plant-based diets and health, including PCRM’s¬†21-day Kickstart program.

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