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Celery boost

Off and on in the last few months I’ve been reading Anthony William’s books in the medical medium series. The latest one is on Celery Juice: what he says is fascinating!

What got us to read the book and dust off our juicer is the amazing results a friend of ours has experienced from being on the celery juice routine for 3 months – all her health issues have disappeared one by one.

Highly recommend the book and the juice! We’ve been juicing for about a month now – health improvements visible from the first week ūüôā

PB: Your personal best

One of my favourite RR stories concerns a South African athlete who was stuck – unable to break his own personal best time and compete successfully at the national level.

He went to a friend of mine for a Resonance Repatterning session. What came up during the session was a childhood memory of his father telling him: “You are very good but you will never be the best.” The athlete unconsciously resonated with that belief – and performed accordingly.

A few weeks after the session, the practitioner got a voicemail message from the athlete. He thanked her for the session and said he had just won an important race at the national level – he had finally gone beyond his personal best!


A friend contacted me recently and asked me to do a session with his son – a promising athlete who was soon to face a state tournament. A couple of weeks later he wrote to say:
I just wanted to let you know that my son won the State tournament and I am sure the session helped him throughout the process.  Also, as a result of our sessions, we had some great conversations throughout the past couple weeks.  Conversations that I had always hoped to have but for some reason they never happened. Thanks for all your help!   KB

Eat and Run

I reread Scott Jurek’s EAT AND RUN last week. What a story! And so interesting that Scott’s endurance, speed and quick recovery times are based on a purely plant-based diet (vegan).

Another vegetarian athlete is described in “Aikido Trial by Fire” – a story told in Chapter 6 of Chloe Wordsworth’s book, LIVING IN TUNE WITH YOUR LIGHT.

It’s nice for the younger generation – there are so many role models now among outstanding athletes of all types who eat plant-based diets because it improves their performance and their health.

You can google¬†VEGAN WRESTLERS… RUNNERS… BODYBUILDERS… SWIMMERS… FOOTBALL PLAYERS… BASKETBALL PLAYERS… – thousands of links come up! (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – with more than 12,000 doctor members, most on plant-based diets) is of course a solid reference place for any athlete exploring plant-based diets and health, including PCRM’s¬†21-day Kickstart program.

Gluten sensitivity

Here is an article I was sent on Gluten originally posted at

Vegetarians/Vegans: Please note the paragraph on meat glue used in extending shelf life and increasing “palatability” of all sorts of foods. Manufacturers are not required to list it. Yet one more reason to eat whole foods, at home.

How green is your fork?

Can we – can I – have a positive and significant effect on the earth?

More and more people are beginning to believe that the biggest positive impact we can have is absolutely basic: through our food choices.

In 2008, inspired by “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” a UN report on the impact of livestock farming on the environment, I wrote “How green is your fork?” for L’Inconnu magazine in Senegal. The article was recently mentioned in a book, Living in Tune with Your Heart – so I searched the article out and decided to post it here. Read more…

What the Health

You may have heard about the documentary What the Health. It’s well worth watching – for free, with subtitles, at youtube.¬†Check out what doctors and researchers with decades of experience in nutrition have to say about cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, dementia… The good news: You can help yourself today.

Food of the Gods

I love cacao beans and eat them every day, blended in smoothies. My favourite smoothie is banana, carob, cinnamon, mesquite, with several cacao beans (all organic).

Googling for nutritional info on cacao in case it could help with inflammatory conditions led to this at

The cacao bean is full of antioxidants, fat, carbohydrates, protein, polyphenols like flavanoids cacao nutritionthat are antioxidants, minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, copper, iron, zinc and potassium, oleic acid which is a heart-healthy essential monounsaturated fat, fiber and vitamins E, B2, B1, B5, B3 and B9.

[The beans grow in a pod that weighs about 1 pound Рcontaining half a dozen beans. Cacao trees grow in the Amazon Basic, Orinoco River Basin, Ghana, Philippines,  Brazil, Papua New Guinea, Ecuador, Togo and a few Caribbean islands. Cacao is known as the Food of the Gods where it was first cultivated in the Americas.]

Both antioxidants and theobromine can improve blood flow, support healthy functioning of heart and reduce thickening of arterial walls and plaque build-up.  Theobromine can also improve mental and physical well-being by stimulating central nervous system, dilating blood vessels, increasing energy levels and relaxing tense muscles.

Other benefits offer include reducing PMS and menopause symptoms. The levels of antioxidants in raw cacao are higher than that of green tea and red wine.

Fiber content in cacao can help digestion by increasing digestive enzyme production. Fiber content keeps you feeling full for longer. This controls appetite and helps promote weight loss.

Essential Fatty Acids such as oleic acid found in cacao can lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol levels.  Oleic acid also possesses antioxidant properties and can fight free radicals.

It can strengthen cell membrane integrity, boost memory power, improve functioning of the heart, circulatory system and brain, increase energy levels, help with weight loss, reduce inflammatory conditions like arthritis, help to moisturize the skin and more.

Minerals especially magnesium found in raw cacao promotes heart health and is essential for proper brain functioning. Tryptophan and anandamide are other brain-boosting minerals found in cacao.

Vitamins found in raw cacao benefit the cardiovascular system. They have antioxidant benefits and promote longevity.


Those who have chocolate allergies must avoid eating cacao nibs or beans. Polyphenols and other active substances found in them could trigger side effects like migraines and other allergic reactions.


Cacao beans and cacao nibs have many nutrients that can offer multiple health benefits.

Some of these nutrients get reduced or destroyed when they undergo heating process and are combined with milk and sugar to make chocolate. Hence, eating raw, unprocessed cacao beans offer more health benefits than processed chocolate.

Joanna Budwig protocol

Helpful info in this article on the Budwig protocol Рfor cancer and numerous other diseases:

UPDATE, October 2017: Here is Chloe Wordsworth’s newsletter summarizing the Budwig Protocol, based on the 300-page ebook by Budwig. Fantastic information, clearly presented.

UPDATE, January 2018: We enjoyed the Budwig Protocol for a few months, but decided in the end to go back to being pure vegetarians (vegan). Read more…

Lime & honey pizzazz

This morning I got tired of trying to eke out a couple of drops from half of a hard lime, so instead I cut it in chunks and put it in the blender, added a tsp of turmeric, a Tsp of honey and Tsp of coconut oil. Pour in 1 cup of hot water and blend Read more…

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