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The story of building Ben’s house

My name is Ben Norton. This is my tiny house story. A neighbor of mine was all excited about [the Tiny House] blog and showed me lots of really cool tiny houses that people have built. I was hooked. I just said, “That’s what I’m going to do,” and I just started buying materials as I had money. I don’t think anyone really thought I was serious because I was eleven years old at the time.

So begins Ben’s story of how he built, at age 11-12, a house for himself, 12′ x 20′, with the help of motley friends of all ages. His well-written story is finished at the end of the summer – age 12! And his tiny house is waiting for next summer when he has a break from school and can insert windows and work on the interior.

Read Ben’s story at the TinyHouseBlog.

Love on Death Row

If you haven’t read this extraordinary story of persistence, positivity and release, you might like to read this account of two strangers connecting by mail, falling in love and successfully working towards freedom – 20 years behind bars, 10 in solitary confinement, for a crime that was proved he did not commit.

Balloon messages inspire a stranger

Warning: This article will probably make you weep.

Three sisters suddenly lost their mother to cancer just before Mother’s Day. They had no money for a funeral, so they set about raising the necessary $10,000 through bake sales etc. They reached $2,000 … and a friend suggested they write goodbye letters to their mum and send them off via helium balloons.

The next day a stranger found the balloons and the notes attached – and you can read the happy ending here!

Craigslist kidney

A son posts a message at Craigslist – Wanted: kidney.

It’s for his mum.

A woman calls that night, offering to be a donor.

Now it looks like this life-saving operation is going to take place – thanks to a stranger making a gift from the heart…

Inspired by coffee cups

Fantastic – a team of passionate people focusing on producing light, durable, comfortable housing for disaster relief.

They’re already shipping samples of the prototype to Syria for on-the-ground feedback!

They envision stockpiling the houses (they stack like coffee cups) so they are ready whenever they are needed… but since millions of people worldwide are without housing, it may take a while to build that stockpile.


Owen and Haatchi

Owen has the sweetest little voice, telling the story of how he and Haatchi met.

And Haatchi is about to launch into a career, comforting veterans who have undergone amputations. With Owen?

Winners of the Crufts “Friends for Life” award!

What a hug!

Look at this gorgeous hug from a grateful chimpanzee ––151638566.html?vp=1


…A week later I got inspired and spent the afternoon watching Beauty and the Beasts

preceded by Into the Wild – 3 segments of 60 Minutes on the great migration, the forest elephants …and the chimpanzees


Quite a lady!

Kayden + rain

Adorable – toddler’s reaction to her first rainfall!

A lovely reminder of how we once felt… and what a capacity for joy and appreciation we have  within us!

Brave new model

Do you scour the news for inspiring, uplifting, unusual positive pieces? Here’s one I want to share with you: Jillian Mercado, a beautiful model with an unusual face – and spastic muscular distrophy. Celebrating life…

The gift of hearing

An American couple are in the process of giving away a million high-tech hearing aids – to people who think they are stone deaf.


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