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Owen and Haatchi

Owen has the sweetest little voice, telling the story of how he and Haatchi met.

And Haatchi is about to launch into a career, comforting veterans who have undergone amputations. With Owen?

Winners of the Crufts “Friends for Life” award!

What a hug!

Look at this gorgeous hug from a grateful chimpanzee ––151638566.html?vp=1


…A week later I got inspired and spent the afternoon watching Beauty and the Beasts

preceded by Into the Wild – 3 segments of 60 Minutes on the great migration, the forest elephants …and the chimpanzees


Quite a lady!

Brave new model

Do you scour the news for inspiring, uplifting, unusual positive pieces? Here’s one I want to share with you: Jillian Mercado, a beautiful model with an unusual face – and spastic muscular distrophy. Celebrating life…

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