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From a woman facing death

Life lessons, from a woman courageously facing death while going on adventures – external and internal.

Journey of Hope

Education for children in isolated mountain areas of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan – inspiring and touching. They need our pennies and our good wishes.

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Growing bolder

All of these photos have been sourced from the inspiring Facebook page, “Growing Bolder”.  Here’s their mission statement: “We share the real stories of ordinary people who are living extraordinary lives and prove that it’s never too late to discover your purpose and passion; never too late to reinvent yourself, begin a new relationship, start a new business, learn a new skill or make a difference in your community. Our products are hope, inspiration and possibility. Our message is dream, believe and persist.”

[Oh dear – the photos don’t hold. Sorry guys – you’ll have to check them out on Facebook, if you have FB (I don’t). The photos are FABULOUS. All of people in their 80s, 90s and more, doing extraordinary things! Worth looking at.]

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Drawing with a typewriter

Get your tissues out on this one –

artist Paul Smith from Oregon

has cerebral palsy

and creates beautiful pictures

by tapping with one finger on a typewriter

using just ten keys


Take a look – he is beautiful!

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Rwanda: garbage dump to Harvard

Amazing story of Justus, an 8 year-old orphan who survived by eating scraps in the main garbage dump of Kigali in Rwanda: asked by an American woman in a taxi what he wanted, he said “an education”. He got it. Now he is going to Harvard – and is determined to pay it forward by helping the poor in some way. You can read his moving story here.

Gitanjali in the brothels of Delhi

Amazing story of transformation, hope and love in the 77 brothels of Delhi.

8 health tips from the morgue!

Good news for low-fat low-protein vegans

To your very good health!

A hug that makes you cry

So beautiful – a lion reunited after 5 years with its rescuer…

Is abuse normal?

Thanks to Obama’s public stand on domestic violence, a dynamic, open discussion about domestic abuse is suddenly trending in social media right now.

Too many women think that emotional and physical abuse is normal.

And that they are to blame.

Let’s hope the heartfelt sharing that’s going on will help educate women.

And men.

Abuse is not acceptable in any form.

It’s such a hard one to take on board. So many justifications on both sides. But at least the publicity is a beginning.

Personally, it was Resonance Repatterning that helped keep my husband and me even halfway on track:

  • getting to see where the anger and violence is coming from…
  • getting to change personal resonance with abusing, being abused…
  • feeling a sense of hope – in oneself, in relationship, in life…

A beginning!


Silverback gorillas in person

Check out this gorgeous encounter with Silverback gorillas in Uganda. Can you imagine sitting with all those guys and being touched by them… Amazing!

The friend who sent us this said: I don’t think I’d have remained that calm.

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