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Elepoo on Bach

Gotta love this charming response from a couple of elephants being serenaded with Bach… (wait for the ending!)

Kayden + rain

Adorable – toddler’s reaction to her first rainfall!

A lovely reminder of how we once felt… and what a capacity for joy and appreciation we have  within us!

A shift in perspective

Movies and books can be a great way to get us out of our self and our own particular brand of suffering. I’m thinking of stories about people who have overcome great odds – illness, disability, injuries: we get a graphic reminder that our own challenges are not so bad after all… And if they are bad, then we are reminded that we are not alone – other people have also struggled against overpowering odds. Read more…

Remember Kung Fu Grandpa?

Love that hilarious commentary!

UK animal voiceovers

Free of pain for 2-3 hours – by belly laughing! Read more…

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