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The founder and developer of Resonance Repatterning is Chloe Faith Wordsworth. She has written a dozen books on RR including several for the general public; has archived 52 radio shows on RR at the Downloads page of; and has a detailed website with a lot of information on RR.
BOOK ON RR ~ Chloe Faith Wordsworth’s QUANTUM CHANGE MADE EASY: Breakthroughs in Personal Transformation, Self-Healing and Achieving the Best of Who You Are has clear explanations, stories and activities in each chapter. A wonderful introduction to using Resonance Repatterning in your life. Available at the eStore and
RADIO SHOWS ~ Chloe gave a series of 45 or more fantastic talks on a whole range of issues and concerns and how Resonance Repatterning helps you deal with them. In the same shows, Chloe also does a “live” Repatterning session on the particular topic of the show for a call-in client. You can listen to the shows free or download the detailed transcripts at the Resonance eStore and use the Repatternings in your practice or with an RR practitioner.
WEBSITE ~ The official website of the Resonance Repatterning Institute is 

Anthea Guinness, PhD
Certified Resonance Repatterning Practitioner (1993)

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