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Early signs of ovarian cancer

Survivors describe ovarian cancer as the cancer that whispers. Looking back, they realize they were sick for 2 years or more before they were diagnosed – and the symptoms were there all along.

Here are four common symptoms of ovarian cancer, based on the experience of survivors:

  • bloating (lie on back and press to see whether you can feel any lumps or mass)
  • urinary changes (example: needing to pee more often or during the night)
  • difficulty eating or feeling full quickly; sometimes losing weight quickly
  • pelvic or abdominal pain; sometimes indigestion, stomachaches
  • other: tiredness that doesn’t go away; back pain; constipation
  • a clue: Listen to your gut – respond to any exceptional dips or peaks in what’s normal for your body when they happen over a 1- or 2-month period – “a shift that lasts over time” is how one doctor puts it

Mostly, women in their 50s and 60s are the ones who are diagnosed with ovarian cancer – but younger women are cautioned to be on the lookout too.

Remember: you’re unlikely to get sick if your pH acid/alkaline ratio is normal. Pollution, work stress, overwork, lack of sleep, negative thoughts and feelings, animal foods – they all have an acid reaction on our body. So it’s wise to compensate with plenty of alkaline foods in your daily diet.

A cheap, easy way to maintain a better alkaline balance is to use clay. Read about it here.

For more info on early signs of ovarian cancer, read this article.

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