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It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it works

A friend of ours swears by French green clay – calcium bentonite. He uses “green clay” for everything. Takes it internally. Uses it externally for anything that comes along – insect bites, mosquitoes, burns… pimples, itchy scalp, falling hair… Anything from a sore throat or a headache to a tumour and radiation.

What he likes best about it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it works. He was so enthusiastic (and healthy) it got us interested and we’re now on our way to becoming committed living clay users!

Some ways to use it

  • Put 1/2 tsp or 1 tsp in water, stir and drink. Or let it sit overnight, stir and drink. Or put it into a smoothy, blend and drink. You can gradually increase your intake to 1-3 tablespoons daily (or more).
  • AVOID METAL spoons and containers – stir with wooden spoon or plastic in a glass or ceramic container.
  • Use the powder dry on cuts and open wounds – stops bleeding.
  • Make a watery paste and use on face & body as a gentle scrub. Also as toothpaste and shampoo. Follow with organic coconut oil to counter the dryness.
  • Make a creamy paste (with water), use on bites, sores, varicose veins, acne, etc.
  • Make a thick paste, use as a poultice on things that need a longer treatment.
  • Apply a creamy paste all over (standing in your bath tub, empty), rubbing it in. As it dries, fill your bathtub to 4-6″ with hot water – nice & warm, not boiling – and soak in it for 20 minutes. Then rinse off, drink some clay water and rest.
  • Always have some on hand at home as a first-aid remedy!

How it works     Green clay has a negative charge. It attracts and removes positive-charge ions (toxins, bacteria) from your body. The healing results are extraordinary. Why? Excess positive-charge anywhere in the body is a cause of disease. Hence the use of negative-pole magnets, walking on the earth barefoot and negative-charge “living clay” in the self-healing process: they all attract positive-charge ions and remove them.

Taking the clay internally makes sure it reaches wherever it’s needed; applying it externally or taking a clay bath once a month or once a week supports your on-going detox process. Green clay even protects against nuclear fallout!

Here’s a good book about clay that I read last night: LIVING CLAY by Perry Arledge, including instructions on how to use it, info on how/why it works, testimonials from people with a wide variety of conditions they successfully treated – and some fascinating research that is going on today. Here are a dozen books on clay at amazon.

Arledge says to choose your clay carefully. It must be calcium bentonite (not sodium bentonite); milled to at least 325-screen mesh; pH of 9.5 or more; no smell or taste; unprocessed; expands/swells and absorbs; high efficacy rate (look for 30 to 1 rate – capable of removing 30 times its molecular weight in positive-charge ions). Read Arledge’s book for more info.

Other resources

As Perry A. repeatedly urges: Go drink some clay!

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