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Can you be too alkaline?

A client mentioned a couple of days ago that she tests off the chart alkaline (using a saliva test and acid/alkaline litmus paper slip). She figured she should not eat foods that make her more alkaline or she’ll really be in trouble… If your saliva or urine test is consistently too alkaline, it’s possible you are seeing the by-product of being too acid! Maybe due to an acidic dietstyle, or a lot of stress in your life, or too much pollution (toxic chemicals in the air, water, food, furniture, paint, etc.). Take a look here at a short piece about being too acidic but showing up alkaline.

Different areas of the body have different acidity ratings. Blood, lymph and cerebral spinal fluid need to be slightly alkaline: pH of 7.4   Cancerous tissues are acidic (less than 7); healthy tissues are alkaline (more than 7). Read more…

It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, it works

A friend of ours swears by French green clay – calcium bentonite. He uses “green clay” for everything. Takes it internally. Uses it externally for anything that comes along – insect bites, mosquitoes, burns… pimples, itchy scalp, falling hair… Anything from a sore throat or a headache to a tumour and radiation.

What he likes best about it: it’s cheap, it’s easy to use and it works. He was so enthusiastic (and healthy) it got us interested and we’re now on our way to becoming committed living clay users!

Some ways to use it Read more…

Sun protection

Interesting take on protection against sunburn and perhaps even skin cancer: foods you eat!

It’s possible that eating (ORGANIC) tomatoes, apples, really dark chocolate [substitute organic cacao beans whipped up in your smoothies] and drinking green tea may stimulate extra protection for your skin.

More here…

Repatterning appreciation

A heart-warming response from an appreciative Repatterning client:

I just wanted to thank you so much for all of your help these last 4 sessions.  We really covered a lot of ground and I wanted you to know I really appreciate all the work and issues we handled. Lots of good stuff!!

It’s always nice to hear from clients – to share in how much better they are feeling about themselves and their lives. A big thank you to all of you!

Obsessed with symptoms?

As a culture, are we obsessed with symptoms? Does our medical background make us focus exclusively on symptoms – rather than exploring the imbalance in us that is manifesting as a symptom?

In the ancient Acupuncture system, they spoke of three levels:

  • the spiritual
  • the human
  • the physical

And guess what, physical symptoms are considered of least importance! The main thing was to treat the human level (behaviour, attitudes, interactions – becoming a better human being) and the spiritual level (meditation, spiritual practice of some kind).

What happens to the symptoms when you treat the person instead of the disease? The focus shifts to: are you becoming happier? more at peace? do you feel more confident, content, inside yourself?

When those aspects start improving, then either the symptoms diminish and disappear, or they don’t.

If you are no longer obsessed with symptoms, you will focus instead on how you’re feeling: happy, positive, well nurtured by a sensible diet and daily routine, etc. You now have a symbiotic relationship with your symptoms (if they are still there): they do their thing, and you continue to do yours – with joy.

Does this approach work for things like migraines, insomnia, cancer? Why not! We know these are invitations to look at areas of our life or within ourself that are out of balance. And if our focus is on the exploring and the changing of our old patterns, we take the symptom as a signal that there’s still more work to do – if possible, with courage and serenity and a sense of humour.

Bottom line: Take care of the physical needs but focus on the human and the spiritual. Feel encouraged because you are feeling good in spite of your symptoms!

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