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Journey of Hope

Education for children in isolated mountain areas of Pakistan, Tajikistan and Afghanistan – inspiring and touching. They need our pennies and our good wishes.

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Laundry water your trees

I’ve been trying to figure out for a couple of years now: how to get my laundry water out to the garden to water the trees. Dig a trench where the greywater exits the house and divert it from there? That’s a lot of work and quite an expense in piping – and if you don’t dig deep enough and get the angle right, it backs up into the house…

Today a simple solution: a 3-way valve, some piping and a garden hose. Hey presto – laundry water out to the plants!

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Growing bolder

All of these photos have been sourced from the inspiring Facebook page, “Growing Bolder”.  Here’s their mission statement: “We share the real stories of ordinary people who are living extraordinary lives and prove that it’s never too late to discover your purpose and passion; never too late to reinvent yourself, begin a new relationship, start a new business, learn a new skill or make a difference in your community. Our products are hope, inspiration and possibility. Our message is dream, believe and persist.”

[Oh dear – the photos don’t hold. Sorry guys – you’ll have to check them out on Facebook, if you have FB (I don’t). The photos are FABULOUS. All of people in their 80s, 90s and more, doing extraordinary things! Worth looking at.]

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Drawing with a typewriter

Get your tissues out on this one –

artist Paul Smith from Oregon

has cerebral palsy

and creates beautiful pictures

by tapping with one finger on a typewriter

using just ten keys


Take a look – he is beautiful!

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Altzheimer’s: preparing now

A couple of pieces of advice from cutting-edge research on Altzheimer’s prevention:

  • eat coconut oil [organic] every day – 2 tbsp
  • avoid all gluten foods

I’m thrilled – these are things I do anyway!

More info in the coming weeks as we (my sister) sort through the material and distill out the do-able essentials.

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Rwanda: garbage dump to Harvard

Amazing story of Justus, an 8 year-old orphan who survived by eating scraps in the main garbage dump of Kigali in Rwanda: asked by an American woman in a taxi what he wanted, he said “an education”. He got it. Now he is going to Harvard – and is determined to pay it forward by helping the poor in some way. You can read his moving story here.

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