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Gitanjali in the brothels of Delhi

Amazing story of transformation, hope and love in the 77 brothels of Delhi.

Running with Hope

Anonymous blog by a cancer survivor, talking about what it’s like to live with cancer.

Four short posts – poignant, revealing, heartening.

Run with Hope.


A friend responded to Run with Hope by sending a link to The Truth About Cancer.

Dr Burzynski’s films are now available at Amazon as DVDs, by the way.

Health Impact News

I found Health Impact News when I stumbled on an issue that is becoming more and more common, it seems: Medical Kidnapping.

Health Impact News may tune you in to health issues you would like to be aware of but won’t come across in conventional media.

I’m bookmarking it here.

Turkish Getup

The Turkish Getup is a full-body exercise that takes about 45 seconds per side to do. Hey, even full-time avoiders perk their ears up at that!

It’s a great one to just watch – see it here, demonstrated by Neghar Fonooni, along with a piece-by-piece slowed-down version at the foot of the page.

Have fun!

DIY mechanical hands

Here’s an update on the make-your-own prosthesis story we blogged about in February.

There are now 1500 designers and engineers involved in a company called the e-NABLE Community. Their goal: to provide affordable online 3-D plans for building your own prosthetics.

All from one man, Ivan Owen, who posted online in 2011 a video of his homebuilt mechanical hand. 🙂

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