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I keep hearing of people who are dealing with chronic constipation. So here are a few remedies (go for organic) to eat during the day:

Pears     Easily available during the colder time of year, one pear a day just might be enough to keep your colon functioning optimally!

Pomegranates     Once you blend them (they’re great with banana and apple), they have that grainy texture of pears – and work the same way.

Prunes     Soak them overnight in a little cold water, then blend them with your breakfast smoothie or eat them with a breakfast fruit salad. Aim to take 3-4 daily, more if you can afford it, but once a week take a dozen (depending on your need). Prunes are good for other things too – bone density, for one!

Water     Aim to drink a quart of water (cool or warm) before breakfast. If it suits you, add a few drops of fresh lemon or lime juice. In summer, add sea salt and honey as well as lemon/lime (electrolites drink).

Nothing’s working? Then take organic Slippery Elm powder in the evening. Start with 1/2 tsp in a little water (followed by a glass of warm water). Take another 1/2 tsp with water the next morning if you need to. Increase the dosage to 1 tsp that night if necessary.

In Ayurveda they say the Fire energy (digestion) gets going when you are hungry. So you could skip a meal or two and see whether that helps. Be sure to drink plenty, though – water, herb tea, soup, miso broth…

The “high energy” time of day for the intestines, according to Acupuncture, is 5-7am – so try drinking your quart of water early in the day, breathe, smile, do stretches, massage your stomach area, pump your stomach in & out vigorously, and generally work along with nature for optimal results.

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