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Arsenic – in rice

OK, so I’m behind the times and you already know. Arsenic in rice?! But it’s logical. Rice grows in water – and the water is polluted by runoff: fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals. Even organic rice.

Read a brief report here comparing white vs brown vs organic. (Catch all 11 points in the article – you’ll miss them unless you click the More option.)

All rice products are affected – no exceptions. Bye-bye rice cakes, rice dream, basmati comfort. Hallo quinoa, hallo millet (fortunately, they really are delicious!).

It’s a rule of thumb to avoid packaged foods anyway (refined, cooked, flavoured, doctored in various ways), so cook up whole grain millet or quinoa in 20 minutes or less, flavour with your own add-ons (try a little coconut oil, kelp powder, Bragg’s amino, dulse flakes, a tsp of miso, a sprinkle of turmeric…) and enjoy a healthy meal!

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