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Chia seed drinks

These are great to have in summer or all year long.

Basic recipe: Soak a couple of spoonfuls of organic chia seeds overnight in structured water. (I use black; some prefer white – use whatever is available, organic.) Use a wide-mouth glass jar so it’s easy to clean. In the morning, stir the mix and drink as is all day, adding water as needed.

Variations: Add any of the following to the basic recipe –

  • lemon or lime juice, sea salt and honey (great when you’re dehydrated)
  • organic grape juice
  • organic pomegranate juice

All these are tasty, healthy energizing drinks! An excellent substitute for commercial drinks of all kinds. Mid-afternoon energy dip? Drink chia! The Native Americans and the Tarajumara Indians traditionally use chia for powerful, long-lasting energy.

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