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“Structured” water

Last week a friend wrote, asking for the link to the Structured Water site. Here it is:

The Clayton Nolte structured water units are one of those simple, brilliant inventions – a one-time investment, nothing to replace or clean out, and they soften any water and energize it via a double vortexing device.

Take a look in particular at the Before / After photos from a third-party European water testing laboratory. Pretty mind-blowing even for the laboratory technician – to get “pure spring water” quality out of ordinary toxic city water just by pouring it through a short length of pipe! (Tucson, AZ  520-325-3400) recently sent a message to say there is an exceptional sale on until Sept 5, 2014: you can get an “enhanced” house unit and travel unit for almost $400 off (20% discount).

She is in the know for these occasional discounts, so feel free to ask her.

I’ve been using the CN units for about 4 years now. Love the water. Use the enhanced travel unit in India and everywhere else I go (camping in California, travelling in UK and Europe…). I highly recommend them: you feel you are finally getting hydrated down to the organ/cellular level.

Chloe Wordsworth says in Transforming Unconscious Patterns with Resonance Repatterning:

The brain is 75–85% water. A well-hydrated brain amplifies the electrical conductivity that allows electrical currents to spread quickly throughout the brain. The brain shrinks when we are dehydrated.

Dr Batmanghelidj (Your Body’s Many Cries for Water) recommends drinking 2 glasses of water early a.m., 1-2 glasses 1/2 hour before meals, and 2 glasses before bed (he says it will improve your sleep and your sex life!).

Most water that we drink (tap water, bottled water, filtered water) has a harder surface tension than the surface tension of our cells. The result is

  • we don’t absorb water on the cellular level
  • we are chronically dehydrated

One solution is to drink “structured water” – the kind of water you find in healthy, non-stagnant, fast-flowing water in waterfalls, rain, etc. Natural or structured water has a low surface tension – lower than our cell wall tension – allowing our body to absorb water right down to the cellular level.

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