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Stumbling towards enlightenment

One of the hats I wear is no-profit online publisher. We specialize in books that inspire and encourage.

Our most recent publication is STUMBLING TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT – a collection of delightful, down-to-earth reflections on everyday events. Written from the perspective of yoga-cum-buddhism and self-transformation, it’s lit up with Shanan’s pervasive sense of humour. You find yourself chuckling in no time. Read a taste here…

Seriously recommended: a refreshing read for anybody who tends to take themselves (and life) too seriously.

If you look for it on amazon, be sure to scroll down to find the 2014 edition by Salt River – it’s a big improvement on the 2010 version (and costs less, too).



Elepoo on Bach

Gotta love this charming response from a couple of elephants being serenaded with Bach… (wait for the ending!)

“Structured” water

Last week a friend wrote, asking for the link to the Structured Water site. Here it is:

The Clayton Nolte structured water units are one of those simple, brilliant inventions – a one-time investment, nothing to replace or clean out, and they soften any water and energize it via a double vortexing device.

Take a look in particular at the Before / After photos from a third-party European water testing laboratory. Pretty mind-blowing even for the laboratory technician – to get “pure spring water” quality out of ordinary toxic city water just by pouring it through a short length of pipe! (Tucson, AZĀ  520-325-3400) recently sent a message to say there is an exceptional sale on until Sept 5, 2014: you can get an “enhanced” house unit and travel unit for almost $400 off (20% discount).

She is in the know for these occasional discounts, so feel free to ask her.

I’ve been using the CN units for about 4 years now. Love the water. Use the enhanced travel unit in India and everywhere else I go (camping in California, travelling in UK and Europe…). I highly recommend them: you feel you are finally getting hydrated down to the organ/cellular level. Read more…

Guide to antioxidants

A friend just sent me this link to the “ultimate guide to antioxidants” – an in-depth article by Dr Mercola where he talks about the different types of antioxidants, the beneficial effect, and the FOODS that contain them, etc. (That last bit is the piece that interests me most.)

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