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Liver Meridian Ahaa

I did a 5-day Liver Detox last week and am noticing a radical shift in the way my day flows, getting a wider variety of things done without planning or disciplining myself or making To Do lists. Can this really be attributed to a Liver Detox?


In Acupuncture, the Liver Meridian is the Planner. It’s the general of the army – with the ability, when healthy and strong, of

  • anticipating what is needed
  • making quick assessments
  • seeing the larger picture as well as filling in the details
  • allowing you to organize your life in a smooth way
  • flowing around obstacles
  • knowing the right amount of time for each task
  • creating strategies for success and handling the details with ease so you achieve your goals

[With thanks to Chloe Wordsworth, Inner Cultivation through the Twelve Meridians (Resonance Publishing).]

If you have difficulties with any of the above, it’s indicating your Liver Meridian could do with some help. And a 5-day Liver Detox ( might be the help your liver needs!

You’re welcome to check out my Liver Detox results here.

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