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“Cure” for back pains

A client last week shared that she is experiencing extreme pain in her sitz bones, so she can’t sit for long at all – and she works full time in an office, so imagine what that does for her.

It came up in her session that she needs to do the Foundation movements developed by Dr Eric Goodman and Peter Park, an athletics coach. You can see these demonstrated at youtube, starting with the “Pre-Founder” movement before going on to the Foundation movements. Even watching them feels good! And doing them for a few minutes may bring some great results.

My client wrote today to say:

The Foundation exercises target the weakest muscles in my back. It is obvious because I cannot hold the pose (first one) for more than 15 seconds. I have a lot of progress to make.  I work on it every day, and do the exercise frequently, rather than 10 min. at a stretch. Words cannot express how grateful I am to you for this recommendation.  Perfect and on target.

And she adds:

My posture has improved in just a few days.


You can get the book too, if you’re interested: FOUNDATION by Goodman & Park.

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