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Mother/Daughter Day

Last week I did a session on a client who shared that she had had a bit of an upset with her mother on – of all days of the year – Mothers’ Day! They were travelling together on an extended tour – and her elderly mom was consistently late or slow, keeping everybody else waiting. It finally came to a head on Mothers’ Day with a tiff – and her mom pointing out what day it was!

It came up in her session to do the “Clearing Communications Repatterning” – where you get to communicate to the person involved (in your imagination) the facts of what happened, how it made you feel, and what would have made all the difference.

The earlier experience underneath the current situation turned out to be my client’s birth process! So her upset in present time was being caused by her resonance with aspects of the earlier experience, not by her mom’s behaviour & attitude in the present. (That was an aha moment for her.)

My client was born 2 weeks “late” and had an induced birth. In the group situation of her mother and the medical staff, she felt ignored and not in control – just as she felt in present time in relation to her mother on the group tour. Her old belief was “You have to do things against your will according to the group’s timing” – which is just what she tried without success to impose on her mom, with regards to being late!

Amazing how the earlier experience was being overlaid on present time – it had never been resolved, so my client was still resonating with the negative feeling and belief and unmet need from her birth experience. And may have been repeating these patterns over and over, for decades.

It all surfaced, most appropriately, on Mothers’ Day!

Once the client’s resonance had shifted, the positive action to bring resolution was to go out for a special breakfast and a (slow gentle) walk together. Happy Mother/Daughter Day, ladies!

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