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For breast cancer: “herbal chemo”

Check out this inspiring story about a woman who went the route of serious detoxing when she was diagnosed with cancer. There is hope!

Mother/Daughter Day

Last week I did a session on a client who shared that she had had a bit of an upset with her mother on – of all days of the year – Mothers’ Day! They were travelling together on an extended tour – and her elderly mom was consistently late or slow, keeping everybody else waiting. It finally came to a head on Mothers’ Day with a tiff – and her mom pointing out what day it was!

It came up in her session to do the “Clearing Communications Repatterning” – where you get to communicate to the person involved (in your imagination) the facts of what happened, how it made you feel, and what would have made all the difference.

The earlier experience underneath the current situation turned out to be my client’s birth process! Read more…

Best Lyme’s documentary

A client with Lyme’s just sent this link to what she calls “the best documentary yet on Lyme’s”:

Do you know anybody with Lyme’s – or anybody with suspicious symptoms that might be Lyme’s? Feel free to give them the link. Millions of people worldwide are not getting the help they need because … well, the documentary tells the story better.

Other posts on Lyme’s – there’s a “search” box to the right of any post title… or you can click on the Lyme’s category in the right sidebar.

Balloon messages inspire a stranger

Warning: This article will probably make you weep.

Three sisters suddenly lost their mother to cancer just before Mother’s Day. They had no money for a funeral, so they set about raising the necessary $10,000 through bake sales etc. They reached $2,000 … and a friend suggested they write goodbye letters to their mum and send them off via helium balloons.

The next day a stranger found the balloons and the notes attached – and you can read the happy ending here!

Craigslist kidney

A son posts a message at Craigslist – Wanted: kidney.

It’s for his mum.

A woman calls that night, offering to be a donor.

Now it looks like this life-saving operation is going to take place – thanks to a stranger making a gift from the heart…

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