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Insomnia gone

As a practitioner, I tend to look on Resonance Repatterning as a counseling or coaching system. So it always gives me a nice surprise when a Repatterning session has a powerful physical effect, along with the usual positive shifts in the client’s mental/emotional issues.

Last week, a client mentioned she’d been experiencing “extreme insomnia,” waking up at 4am every day, for months, perhaps a year or more. She had also been experiencing “heat” flashes (not quite hot flashes, but uncomfortable).

The focus of her session was a long-term conflict with two colleagues on a committee. Her insomnia came up as a sideline in connection with that conflict. We checked her resonance with both these issues – and she was resonating with both.

By the end of the session her resonance cleared.

A week later, when I asked whether there was any change in her sleep patterns, she said:

YES! I’m sleeping the night through for the first time in months and months. It’s miraculous – it started from the day we did the session. Heat flashes? I don’t notice them at all now!

So much for coaching and counseling! We really are a body-mind system: what affects our mind automatically affects our body, for better as well as for worse.

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