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Sinuses clear!

Last week the “Endorphin Stress Repatterning” came up for a client whose life is non-stop activity. The physical symptom of stress was a sinus block. She has had this sinus condition for months now – she can breathe through her nose, but her voice sounds like her nose is blocked from a heavy cold.

We did the usual identifying of resonance with underlying issues, earlier experience, what she wants instead – and followed with a simple, 2-3 second healing option: she needed to cup her left eye with her left palm (ie, one-handed palming on left side only), keeping both eyes open, imagining the eye was bathed in pale pink light, along with the sinus area that her hand was in contact with. This was sufficient to clear her old resonance and establish the new.

An hour later she sent an email to say:

Sinuses completely clear!

We may need to do more work on the same issues, but what a great encouragement for her so soon after the session!

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