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Fast remedy for flu, coughs, colds, sore throats

Years ago a Canadian friend shared a remedy with me in India. She says she always travels with it and it never fails.

On a recent trip, my sister suddenly came down with a terrific sore throat, cold and cough right from the lungs – the day before our long 2-day journey home. She tried her entire arsenal of remedies. They helped reduce her sore throat, but nothing else.

Finally, the day we got home, she gave the Oregano remedy a go: Immediate relief from coughing, pain in the lungs abated, nose-blowing disappeared.

The joke is that I put 4 drops of Oregano into a small remedy bottle so we could take it onboard the airplane in case she needed it en route. When I got home, I forgot what was in the bottle, swished it around with a little water and swigged it down. Yikes – strong stuff! I had to follow up with 3 glasses of water – but the beginnings of my sore throat and cold stopped dead on the spot.

How To:

Suggestion from Shady Sirotkin: Get vegicaps (health foodstore) and put a few drops of coconut or olive oil into a cap with 10 drops of Oregano and 10 drops of Thyme. Take this daily – more than once a day if you need to. The olive/coconut base helps soothe the passage of the 2 strong oils. Do not take this strong mix without a vegicap to contain it.

Here’s what I do (no vegicaps on hand):

Using organic Oregano oil (YoungLiving is a very reliable brand) and preferably using structured water (

  • Put 1 drop of Oregano oil in a 1 liter glass bottle. Fill with water and sip it. It’s quite a strong taste – start with the smallest dose and sip so your system adjusts. Then drink more: pour out 1/2 a glass from the bottle and swig it down.
  • When you are ready, try 2 drops in 1/4 cup of water, especially if you are dealing with heavy-duty symptoms. Swig it down fast.
  • Or, using Shady’s suggestion, try putting 2 drops in a spoon with coconut oil. Swallow and follow with warm herb tea or water.
  • Sip from a water bottle mix (1 drop) all day and refill as needed.

You can use Oregano for all sinus conditions as well as a whole range of other maladies – read about some of them here. It’s definitely a great remedy to have handy!


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