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Insomnia gone

As a practitioner, I tend to look on Resonance Repatterning as a counseling or coaching system. So it always gives me a nice surprise when a Repatterning session has a powerful physical effect, along with the usual positive shifts in the client’s mental/emotional issues.

Last week, a client mentioned she’d been experiencing “extreme insomnia,” waking up at 4am every day, for months, perhaps a year or more. She had also been experiencing “heat” flashes (not quite hot flashes, but uncomfortable). Read more…

Lowest cancer rate in the world

A medical geographer, Harold D. Foster, spent years tracking cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis, Altzheimers, Schizophrenia and other illnesses in terms of geographical locations and dominant characteristics of the terrain.

The place with the lowest incidence of cancer is Senegal. The five characteristics Foster found most significant for Senegal:

  • selenium (in the soil)
  • plenty of sunshine
  • hard water (the hardest water in the world!)
  • very little mercury in the soil
  • no road salt (used for snow and ice, but gives off cyanide when the sun shines on it)

You can get your weekly dose of selenium from eating 2-3 brazil nuts (organic). You don’t need a lot – trace amounts of selenium are what is healthful.

And you can get another essential anti-cancer ingredient right in your own home:

  • plenty of sleep!

Lyme’s: Let it flow on through

Brave singer Debbie Gibson has Lyme’s and is bringing some much-needed attention to this elusive disease. Good for her!

Sinuses clear!

Last week the “Endorphin Stress Repatterning” came up for a client whose life is non-stop activity. The physical symptom of stress was a sinus block. She has had this sinus condition for months now – she can breathe through her nose, but her voice sounds like her nose is blocked from a heavy cold.

We did the usual identifying of resonance with underlying issues, earlier experience, what she wants instead – and followed with a simple, 2-3 second healing option: Read more…

Fast remedy for flu, coughs, colds, sore throats

Years ago a Canadian friend shared a remedy with me in India. She says she always travels with it and it never fails.

On a recent trip, my sister suddenly came down with a terrific sore throat, cold and cough right from the lungs – the day before our long 2-day journey home. She tried her entire arsenal of remedies. They helped reduce her sore throat, but nothing else.

Finally, the day we got home, she gave the Oregano remedy a go: Immediate relief from coughing, pain in the lungs abated, nose-blowing disappeared.

The joke is that I put 4 drops of Oregano into a small remedy bottle so we could take it onboard the airplane in case she needed it en route. When I got home, I forgot what was in the bottle, swished it around with a little water and swigged it down. Yikes – strong stuff! I had to follow up with 3 glasses of water – but the beginnings of my sore throat and cold stopped dead on the spot.

How To: Read more…

Inspired by coffee cups

Fantastic – a team of passionate people focusing on producing light, durable, comfortable housing for disaster relief.

They’re already shipping samples of the prototype to Syria for on-the-ground feedback!

They envision stockpiling the houses (they stack like coffee cups) so they are ready whenever they are needed… but since millions of people worldwide are without housing, it may take a while to build that stockpile.


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