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Green smoothies

After reading Victoria Boutenko’s Green for Life, my family broke away from the “rule” of keeping veggies & fruits separate. Eating is very individual, so give this a try and see whether it suits you. Everything mentioned below must be organically grown so you get the high level of minerals and vitamins only present in fresh organic fruits & veggies.
Basic Green Smoothie

  • Put a glass of pure (structured) water into the blender.
  • Add 1 organic banana. (I put at least 2, but it makes a larger quantity)
  • Add some other fruit – could be an apple or a “wheel” of pineapple (or both – makes a larger quantity).
  • [Some fruits I would not put in: melon – eat alone; and citrus, because it doesn’t mix with banana.]
  • Then add some green leafy veggies: a leaf of chard and/or kale, a little fresh parsley, a stalk or 2 of celery.
  • Depending on the time of year, you can use a variety of all sorts of other veggies: cilantro, a little dandelion greens, lettuce, cucumber, zuccini, a little spinach – experiment with whatever you have available so you make a slightly different smoothie each day.
  • Sweet tooth? Add a couple of dates!

Blend – start medium/slow and increase. Add more water if it is too stiff a mix. Blend well so it is smoothe to drink. (VitaMix blenders are great – worth investing in if you take your health seriously!)

Drink it slowly (mix with saliva) or use spoon.

“Protein” – add a few nuts or seeds
Nuts: soak 5-10 soaking almonds overnight (these are recommended in Ayurveda – the small type, not the large California almonds) in cold water and remove the skin. Eat whole or blend up with the smoothie. Vary the nuts each day – 5 walnuts or pecans, 10 hazelnuts, 3 brazil nuts…

Several times a week I grind up (fresh) some of the following and eat it with my green smoothie:
  • flax seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds (Raw, Unsalted, Organic)
  • quantity: 1-2 tbsp of each, usually with just 1-2 types of seed on any particular day
  • sprinkle them on top of the drink or stir/blend into the drink

To grind seeds: an electric “coffee grinder” dedicated only to seeds

  • Don’t use a grinder that has traces of coffee grinds in it!
  • They’re not too expensive, so get a special one for your seeds
  • The ground seeds need to be fresh.
  • They are a good source of omegas, also vit E etc etc.

Enjoy experimenting with quantities & types of fruit/vegs. Check out fruit smoothie suggestions here.
You might
enjoy reading Victoria Boutenko’s booksyou can get them from the library. She and her family have a v dramatic story of turning their health around.

Tips on how to store fruit

  • Keep bananas separate (they off-gas and will cause anything nearby to ripen)
  • Turn tree fruits & vine fruits (tomatoes) upside-down (the opposite to the way they grow on the tree)
  • Keep lemons & limes & other citrus in fridge (the oil in the skin makes them go hard otherwise)

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