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Falling apart

Hallelujah for people who are willing to make changes when things are not working!

This week I had a session with somebody who, in her own words, is falling apart. She has received several disturbing test results and is scheduled for an operation.

There’s no point giving somebody good advice if they’re not open to receiving it and acting on it. So I asked her what approach felt comfortable for her – putting herself in the hands of experts (whether western medical doctors or alternative healers) or actively doing things herself to bring about healing changes (along with appropriate help from doctors and practitioners). She opted for getting going with helping herself, along with guidance from her various health practitioners.

In case there’s somebody else out there who would like to make some life-changing improvements, here’s a quick list of things I shared with my client that she could begin with – based on what I would start with if I were falling apart:

1. Food and water

What kind of food are you eating? What kind of water do you drink?

  • You might want to read about healthy structured water ( and start drinking and bathing in structured water.
  • I would immediately get onto a low-fat, low-protein vegan organic dietstyle.¬† and – these websites will help you get started on a healthier way of eating. Then keep going with refining your vegan dietstyle more and more (I’ve been vegetarian since the 60s and vegan since the 80s – I’m still learning and refining!). Make sure you make it fun.
  • Helpful and inspiring books to browse (order them from your library): My Beef with Meat (Esselstyn), Diet for a New America (John Robbins), The China Study (T. Colin Campbell). Also Born to Run and various books by bare-foot runners – to remind yourself of what we can do – for fun.
  • While you are unwell: no alcohol, no recreational drugs, no smoking. (See #2 below: Detox)
  • Vegan in this context means: no meat, no fish, no eggs, no dairy; low-fat, low-protein means: very small amounts of nuts, seeds, oils, tofu, etc., no cooked oils at all, and as much as you wish to eat of veggies and fruits (all organic). Absorb Doug Graham’s book, The 80 10 10 Diet.
  • Thousands of studies show that vegans, everywhere in the world in all climate zones & cultures, are significantly healthier than vegetarians – and of course far healthier than non-vegetarians.
  • What will your doctor say? Check out and for support and scads of info from MDs who are vegan & vegetarian, plus lots of info and a Nutrition desk ref especially written for MDs.

2. Detox your whole system

We fall apart when our system is clogged up, stressed out, under-functioning. That’s when challenges are no longer challenging, they are a tsunami.

  • for easy-to-do detoxes that allow you to keep on working.
  • HerbDoc has a lot of free download info on how to get healthy.
  • Dr Schulze has also developed a “no incurable diseases” program – built on a foundation of detoxing in your own home.

3. Chinese herbs

This came up (muscle checking) for the client. It turns out she has a China Town in her city and will get in touch with a traditional Chinese herbalist who checks the pulses and is highly recommended by her acupuncturist. For you: Play it by ear with this one.

4. Silence in nature

Again, muscle checking indicated this for the client. Being in nature for all of us can have a wonderful healing effect. Make sure you experience Nature in a way that is comfortable for you – go with companion(s) and with adequate food, water, clothing, etc., depending on your personal and practical needs for feeling safe and protected.

5. Resonance Repatterning sessions

We experience what we resonate with. If we feel we’re falling apart, we are resonating with that. RR sessions help us shift our resonance and spiral up so we resonate with a higher energy state.

  • You may need more frequent or more regular RR sessions while you are actively working to bring your energies to a higher level of coherence.
  • This will vary with the individual. Have a sense of it for yourself, and then ask your RR practitioner to muscle check what is optimal for you personally at this time.
  • If you find yourself resisting doing something (food choices, etc.) that you know is healthy for you, you’re probably not resonating with it.
  • Making sure you are resonating with optimal health may also enable your body-mind system to respond positively to the changes you are introducing.

6. Self Foot Reflexology

Working on your fingers, toes and all over the feet is a great way to energize and bring balance to your whole body-mind system.

  • Wintertime especially: enjoy soaking your hands and feet in a bowl of hot water before you start working on your hands and feet. (Or a bath)
  • Options: Add some epsom salts or sea salt or a strong cup of soothing herb tea to the soaking water. Drink herb tea before/during. Wrap up warm while you are soaking/working.

7. Freshly made juices

  • Start with Carrot Juice (tasty and fundamental). Then add 1/2″ ginger root (enhances digestion). Then try Carrot and Beetroot (50/50) and Ginger (beetroot is a great blood cleanser).
  • An easy-to-use juicer that earns good marks for extracting vitamins & minerals from the veggies & fruits you juice: the Champion Juicer. Recommended by Dr Schulze ( These juicers cost around $150.
  • Once established with your carrot juice routine (daily while you are unwell), you can explore other combinations and read the literature on juicing (for instance, the classics by Walker), including the powerful juice combinations in The Breuss Cancer Cure.

Many thanks to my clients for bringing their issues and being willing to spiral up to healthier, happier states of mind and body. We all benefit from the process!

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