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Brave new model

Do you scour the news for inspiring, uplifting, unusual positive pieces? Here’s one I want to share with you: Jillian Mercado, a beautiful model with an unusual face – and spastic muscular distrophy. Celebrating life…

Lyme’s Disease

Veterans of Lyme’s Disease struggle with mood swings, depression, extreme exhaustion, unexpected collapse… and chronic lack of money from being unable to handle a regular job. Hats off to “JB,” who spent hours writing a report on remedies she has tried and found to be helpful. Scroll down to read her report in full. This is how she ends her email:

I know first hand what a challenge it can be to “live with lymes” and find “life after lymes”, so I’m happy and humbled to be of service in any way I can. I hope this is helpful for you and your client. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification and feel free to forward this writing to your client. I’m happy to make myself available as a support and encouragement to her to keep up and never lose hope.

Dr Mercola’s Sept 2013 newsletter article on Lyme’s disease – including treatment and prevention ideas.

The Hippocrates Health Institute
offers a treatment for Lyme’s Disease that has a track record for impressive results: Colloidal Silver, administered intravenously. Read more…

The gift of hearing

An American couple are in the process of giving away a million high-tech hearing aids – to people who think they are stone deaf.


A world of good!

It’s nice to be reminded how powerful just one Resonance Repatterning session can be. Here’s a note that came from somebody who had a session last week:

Many thanks for the session! It has done a world of good. cheers, M.

Falling apart

Hallelujah for people who are willing to make changes when things are not working!

This week I had a session with somebody who, in her own words, is falling apart. She has received several disturbing test results and is scheduled for an operation.

There’s no point giving somebody good advice if they’re not open to receiving it and acting on it. So I asked her what approach felt comfortable for her – putting herself in the hands of experts (whether western medical doctors or alternative healers) or actively doing things herself to bring about healing changes (along with appropriate help from doctors and practitioners). She opted for getting going with helping herself, along with guidance from her various health practitioners.

In case there’s somebody else out there who would like to make some life-changing improvements, here’s a quick list of things I shared with my client that she could begin with – based on what I would start with if I were falling apart:

1. Food and water

What kind of food are you eating? What kind of water do you drink?

  • You might want to read about healthy structured water ( and start drinking and bathing in structured water.
  • I would immediately get onto a low-fat, low-protein vegan organic dietstyle. and – these websites will help you get started on a healthier way of eating. Then keep going with refining your vegan dietstyle more and more (I’ve been vegetarian since the 60s and vegan since the 80s – I’m still learning and refining!). Make sure you make it fun. Read more…

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