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A shift in perspective

Movies and books can be a great way to get us out of our self and our own particular brand of suffering. I’m thinking of stories about people who have overcome great odds – illness, disability, injuries: we get a graphic reminder that our own challenges are not so bad after all… And if they are bad, then we are reminded that we are not alone – other people have also struggled against overpowering odds.

Here are three “true story” movies that help shift my perspective when it’s needed (they are also very funny – I’ve watched The Intouchables several times for a good laugh):

  • The Intouchables  – quadriplegic aristocrat transformed by his growing friendship with his caregiver, a North African from the Paris “ghetto”
  • My Left Foot  – from childhood to young adult years of writer/artist Christy Brown, born with cerebral palsy, unable to walk or talk but lives life to the full
  • Music Within – dreams of an exceptional public speaker crash when he is injured in Vietnam… and what happens next

Books that inspire:

  • Kitchen Table Wisdom by Rachel Naomi Remen MD – true stories about people struggling with illness and depression, often in the context of cancer
  • Maria Treben’s Health through God’s Pharmacy – great client success stories, and she inspires you by telling you powerful herbal remedies you can make in your kitchen (including Swedish Bitters, the super-medicine that is secret and expensive in health food stores)

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