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One of those things we don’t want to know

The latest report on chicken:

A shift in perspective

Movies and books can be a great way to get us out of our self and our own particular brand of suffering. I’m thinking of stories about people who have overcome great odds – illness, disability, injuries: we get a graphic reminder that our own challenges are not so bad after all… And if they are bad, then we are reminded that we are not alone – other people have also struggled against overpowering odds. Read more…

Remember Kung Fu Grandpa?

Love that hilarious commentary!

Sign of hope

A year after it went missing, a dog happily reunited with its owner – a 7-year-old girl diagnosed with a brain tumor a few months after losing her dog…

Solution for dry eyes

For one reason or another, a lot of us live with dry eyes – air conditioning in summer, heating in winter, and staring at computer screens in all weathers…

I was reminded of this last week by a client who is suffering from dry eyes. I suggested that she might like to try a home-made saline solution that takes just a few seconds to make. And I got inspired myself and made some, which I’ve been using all week with good results. Read more…

Animal communicator

A film that shows Anna Breytenbach in action – very quiet, very peaceful – and the spontaneous responses of even the most dangerous animals (abused and mistreated by humans) as they feel truly seen for the first time. Very much worth watching, while it’s available at this site: Read more…

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