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Negative Pole Magnets: “extraordinary results”

In a Vision session this week, a client and I visited the information Chloe has put together on Negative Pole Magnets. Wow – it’s quite amazing! It made me go dig out my two ceramic block magnets from the back room and start using them again – one under my pillow and the other in my favourite armchair. I already have an NP magnet pad on my computer chair and another in my bed (!).

It also reminded me of a practitioner in Mexico I heard about recently who has given out half a dozen ceramic block magnets to people he knows with cancer, intestinal pain, etc. He says they are all getting extraordinary results, just placing the ceramic block on the affected area.

The outcome is I thought I’d summarize a few points from the info in the RR Vision book in case it inspires you to explore using Negative Pole Magnets for your own self-healing.

And here are a couple of suggestions for the type of things I personally would use the Negative Pole Magnets for: pain anywhere in the body (from knees to toothache to stiff neck); genital issues, male or female (candida, acidity, dryness, urinary tract infections, discharges, irregular periods, heavy/scanty flow, cramps, low fertility, etc.); migraines, nausea; eye problems; carpal tunnel; also cancer and other health problems. (Scroll down to foot of page for more info.)

The ceramic block magnets are powerful – penetrate 6″ or more into the body; you can also get smaller magnets with a velcro band – useful for attaching the magnets to wrist or side of head, etc. You can see photos & cost of the magnets at the estore. (No, I don’t get referral fees on sales!)

Book: Washnis and Hricak, Discovery of Magnetic Health

A few points based on Chloe Faith Wordsworth, A New Vision with Resonance Repatterning, pp.192-196 (this book is available only to students & practitioners of RR, that’s why I’m listing some of the info here):

  • Magnetic energy is a universal force. Planets, stars, sun and moon are giant magnets with fields extending thousands & millions of miles.
  • The earth has its own magnetic field, as does the human body down to each cell and atom. Without magnetism, we wouldn’t be alive.
  • The earth is losing its magnetic strength – it is now only half a gauss in strength compared with ten times that much in the past, and higher still millions of years ago.
  • We restrict this diminishing magnetic strength by a further 20% with our man-made electromagnetic pollution and the concrete, steel and enclosed houses & vehicles.
  • On the cellular level, there is a negative electric charge on the outside of the cell and a positive electric charge on the inside. This electrical charge must be maintained – the greater the differential between them, the more nutrients and water are exchanged and the more toxins and metabolic wastes are drawn out for elimination.
  • Dr William Philpott, MD, a major researcher of negative field magnets in the treatment of thousands of patients over a twenty-year period, found that one of the most important aspects of NP magnets to bring relief and healing is their capacity to activate negative magnetic energy where it is needed.
  • Living in a negative magnetic field, which should ideally exist on the earth’s surface, supports health and life, while living in a positive magnetic field, found deep in the earth and in outer space, usually creates sickness.

Negative North Pole magnets:

  • safe no matter how long they are used
  • activate beneficial negative north pole energy wherever they are placed

Research and clinical experience using Negative North Pole magnets:

  • Fight infections, normalize pH (create alkalinity), bring more oxygen to the cells
  • Cancerous growth inhibited, tumours reduced
  • Pain relieved, swellings reduced – often within minutes
    [Pain: think toothache, nerve pains, backache, neck tension, shoulders tight, hip pain, varicose veins aching, indigestion, gas, headaches, nausea… any kind of physical pain & discomfort]
  • Deep restorative sleep (using a magnet pad or ceramic block)
  • Stimulate melatonin and growth hormone production (needed for all body functions, repair, maintaining youthful energy)
  • Eyes: increased melatonin production; help in macular degeneration, tumours, inflammatory conditions, glaucoma, cataracts, infection, cancer


With appreciation to Chloe Faith Wordsworth for her research into Negative Pole Magnets, shared in her New Vision book (Resonance Publishing, 1998, 2013).

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