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A pinch of salt

In Punjab there’s a saying that sums up women as useless, unimportant, non-contributing members of the family: “A pinch of salt in the dough” (aate vich loon). Girls are brought up on this saying, hearing it over and over from their mother as a reminder and a warning.

(Don’t you love the irony – the male mind misses the point that salt is absolutely essential at every moment in life! Women forget, too.)

Anyway, in a recent session on abundance issues with a young woman in India, it came up for her to resonate with being as valuable as “salt, water AND flour,” to help counteract the generations-old family pattern.

A couple of weeks later she wrote:

The last session! Shifted me in a whole new way!
I have been doing ‘Empower women with the information that their contribution in their family is “aata and pani” and not “aate vich loon warga”‘
Thank you so much for taking me through this!

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